Dreams and Predictions for October 2017

As I’ve written in previous posts, I don’t have a lot of visions left for this year as I don’t believe any major events will happen between now and December. Having said that, I’ll post this….

1) There will be news on yet another country wanting to leave the EU in the near future. It’s not one I’ve already mentioned, it’s not Germany or France and it’s not a place people would initially expect at first. It seems to be more centrally located in Europe, perhaps a former Russian territory.

10/3 ETA: Although I spoke too soon in saying that there would be no major events between now and December (with the recent shooting in Las Vegas), I did say in my 2017 predictions that this year would have the most mass shootings in history. Since these have become so common in the US, it’s almost not considered a major event as it leaves the headlines not even a day after it occurs. Though it had the highest total count in modern history, it is far from the biggest mass shooting. Just ask the Native Americans. With that being said, here’s another prediction to share with you all.

2) Within the next few years, scientists will discover a star that will be the key to intergalactic travel in the distant future. Although the scientific theory behind it will come soon after, its application won’t be in place for centuries afterwards. Scientific innovations need to take place beforehand and, if war does come on the horizon, such progress might be blunted for many more years to come. While this isn’t something that comes in our collective lifetime, the discoveries for it come for the benefit of future generations.

10/8 ETA: My third and fourth predictions are more of an expansion of ones from the 2017 psychic predictions, but the fifth one is new.

3) Although I had said 10 million people would be deported this year, I have to revise that target to say it will happen by the end of Trump’s term. While deportations have actually gone down, arrests have gone up. The mass arrests are creating a situation where many undocumented people will eventually be deported, but due to bureaucracy, it won’t be specifically fulfilled for at least two more years. Still, the fact that up to 10 million may be arrested by years end is close enough to fulfillment from my perspective.

4) In addition, as I said immigration reform wouldn’t happen for at least four more years, any chance of a bill being passed to give a pathway for citizenship from Dreamers (undocumented children who came as minors) will die before it can come up for the votes. Of the undocumented who remain after four years of Trump, about two thirds will be from the Dreamer program. This means that only about half of the Dreamers will be able to stay in the country and the other half will be deported within the next two years. Sad as it is to say, the dream will die for many dreamers in the coming years.

5) I also see a permanent expiration for the Children Health Insurance Program (or CHIP) as congress won’t be able to get the votes to keep the program running this year. Many states will gut the program all together while others will merge it into either their state medicaid or soon to be passed single payer programs that will protect the children in these situations. Such inequity across the country will be one of the primary motivating factors in the passage of a nationwide single payer program at the start of the next decade.

10/21 ETA: One thought on the weather.

6) This fall will get to be pretty cold as we head into November. However, the winter will be warmer than usual with less snowfall than last year. Most of the major storms will occur in January around the second to third week of the month.

10/25 ETA: Two more predictions.

7) I had a dream last night where I was in Japan and I saw that cereal and other food prices were massively increased while local items decreased. Cereal cost $10 while handmade rolls cost 55 cents. This indicates that inflation is approaching and that prices of many goods will increase dramatically. However, locally grown products will decrease in price and become affordable. This could apply to Japan where the dream took place, but this could also happen in the US as well. Watch out for this soon.

8) I have a bad feeling we haven’t seen the last of Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions. She might be gearing up for yet another run, but either her health or potential criminal prosecution will stop her this time.

4 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for October 2017

  1. You were correct again! You commented a little too soon .. as the mass shooting was yesterday. I will continue to follow your comments as you are on target most of the time.

  2. I would like to comment on a previous prediction you made that did not materialize. You said that during the early football season there would be a terrorist attack at an NFL football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers which involved intentionally crashing planes into the stadium. The game you predicted was played last Sunday (10-8-17). The terrorist attack did not happen.

    1. Well I’m not that upset about being wrong on that front. However, with all of the tensions being directed at the NFL this season due to the anthem protests, the heat hasn’t simmered in the slightest. As I previously said, the ratings would be down and they have been so far. I also said Colin Kaepernick wouldn’t play again and that his absence would begin to see the lid ripped off of the corruption within the NFL. That is happening as we speak. I also need to point out that if a law enforcement story emerges where there was a crackdown on this particular type of terror attack, then my vision was still valid but it was blunted by outside force. Though one aspect hasn’t come to fruition (the key is not yet, this terror attack or a smaller scale one is still possible), the rest of my predictions have been accurate.

    2. I just stumbled across this blog through a Google search. I am not psychic or anything, but a few days ago, I also got a feeling there is going to be a shootout at one of these NFL games. The Super Bowl is coming up in January/February. The trend is people being attacked at places with large amounts of people. Nightclubs, concerts, etc. Common sense tells us the NFL is next. There is too much pressure/tension over there for there not to be an explosion. Unfortunately, it’s going to be the liberals and football players who get hurt because all the conservatives have cancelled their subscriptions and left the building.

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