The Upcoming Crackdown on AntiFa is Just More Historical Repression of the Political Left

If there were doubts that I haven’t been paying attention to the political climate in the US, allow those doubts to be eased by the following thoughts.

Something that has come onto my radar in the last few weeks has been the media’s recent attempts to demonize anti fascism and genuine leftist political movements. To those who think this type of offensive is unique to the Trump era or a recent phenomenon, you fail to understand why we are where we are today and how we got here in the first place. I’m not going to use this blog to go over a long and complicated history of political repression in America, but I’d like to give a little context first so you can see what is going on and why things are happening the way that they are.

Last weekend saw a large scale “Juggalo March” protesting the FBI’s categorization of fans of the Insane Clown Posse as “gangs” worthy of seeing criminalization of the state leading to arrest, confiscation of their children and jail time as a result. There wasn’t a lot of coverage of this in the mainstream media for the obvious fact that it is challenging the very tenets of power in the deep state that really control our government. What is really being protested with marches like this is fascism and the state’s unaccountable ability to control the populace as it pleases in collaboration with unelected and unaccountable corporate power. When protestors go into the streets in an anti-fascist capacity, this is seen as a threat to the status quo the way neo-nazi marches are not. The Juggalo march follows the protests of federal gang raids across the country, attempts to label anti-fascism movements as “terrorists” and criminalization and political murders by the state of those seen as enemies of the powers that be.

Anti-fascist movements are not new, but they have been relatively dormant in the United States for several decades. With the rise of an avowed fascist in Donald Trump, the antifa movement has made itself more visibly known and it is attracting a lot of attention as a result. What these movements symbolize is independent attacks on the bourgeois in this country and the repression against that has already begun. As one can see with a bit of a critical eye, when organizations in the unelected and unaccountable deep state condemn legitimate and independent resistance groups, the establishment groups follow suit. Leading the charge on these attacks of democratic people movements are deep state government agencies, like the CIA and the FBI. They are largely responsible for this kind of repression and it’s not the first time they have been guilty of this either. They are the reason that Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and various anti-war movements in the past, among others, have been violently repressed by the state. Anytime truly left leaning political thought comes into the mainstream, the deep state works to undermine and destroy them by any means necessary.

Attacks on the political left have been the norm and not the exception in US history. From the attacks on labor at the turn of the last century to the communism scaring mccarthyist movement, truly leftist political movements have seen its destruction come about at the hands of the deep state. The US Government has shown throughout its history that it has supported fascism over socialism all the times that such an option presents itself. When the tides of populism come on the heels of deep economic inequality and social upheaval, the government purposefully elevates right wing movements to keep the tides of populism all together. As I wrote about in one of my most viewed Trump posts, this is one of the reasons why Donald Trump was able to win the presidency. This is also one of the reasons why the US is as right wing as it is compared to the genuine spectrum of political thought. It also explains why progress has such a hard time being implemented, broadly speaking. For a country that claims it has been under the influence of a “communist” for eight years prior to this, the fact that such an absurd suggestion is made shows how far to the right our political discourse really is. This doesn’t have to continue being this way and that’s why I’m posting this blog.

In order to gain freedom from such oppression, everyone, regardless of their affiliation, must speak out against the CIA and the FBI’s interference in crushing independent political movements, particularly those on the left. The deep state has too much control over the government and that power must be reigned in once and for all. Despite the fact that an overthrow can no longer be imminent, work towards weakening the powers that be can happen in the interim to a moment becoming more fruitful for success. Only through sustained pressure and resistance will there be checks on the powerful. Without a coordinated effort to reign in their terror, more brutal repression is coming in the near future. Hopefully, people will heed this call and take action now. It’s the only way to change history so it doesn’t repeat itself once again.

One thought on “The Upcoming Crackdown on AntiFa is Just More Historical Repression of the Political Left

  1. I believe that our republic is being gravely menaced by this madman we have in the White House. I also believe that Donald Trump harbors an extremely venomous hatred against both Hispanics and Blacks. I was greatly angered by his recent Tweets falsely blaming Puerto Rico for its terrible problems. I believe further that Donald Trump is very much under the control of very evil demons.

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