A Repressed Uprising….With Some Positive Results

This is something I’ve written about before, but it needs a bit of an update due to changes that have happened since late last year. As I’ve previously mentioned, the only true way for Americans to gain freedom from oppression is to overthrow the government of the United States. Unfortunately, the timeline for such an event to occur has passed. The ideal moment for such a regime change was between the politically unstable times between 2014 and 2016 when the public nearly got down to it and would have succeeded if they pulled it off. Unfortunately, until the 2030’s, the window of opportunity for such a people led coup has closed.

When such attempts are taken up again in the near future (and they will at this rate), they will be instigated by the powerful and controlled to a point of repression by the powers that be. As one of our readers recently pointed out, Trump’s instigation of the media is not some sort of accidental blunder or sign of mental illness. This is done on purpose to spur violence that he can use to further entrench his power. When such attempts happen again in the near future, the police state will work to crackdown on the actions with casualties as a result.

While the end result won’t be pretty, that doesn’t mean there won’t be changes as a result of the revolt attempt. The violence will get out of control from the initial spurring by the elite and the usurpers make significant dents in the armor of the powers that be. In fear of too much of the armor getting cracked, the elites back down on their plans for worldwide austerity and some reform emerges when a new Democratic president comes to power in 2020. However, the fight that ultimately underlies the uprising is put off until another day and these issues will continue to linger until a proper resolution comes along decades from now.

While I wished it could be successful, the time for such a coup is too late. You all had your chance and now it is gone. Such efforts in the next year or so will ultimately fail, but not without bearing some fruit first. While it may prove to be worthwhile in the end, the losses sustained may be too much to offset the gains that come about as a result. Just something to keep in mind as street actions occur again in the near future.

3 thoughts on “A Repressed Uprising….With Some Positive Results

  1. One thing I find absolutely disgusting and it makes me sick at my stomach is the way large numbers of Christian pastors are eagerly supporting Trump. They are really putting on the blinders with respect to his extremely ungodly character traits.
    In Trump’s mind the Christian community is simply a pawn to be exploited politically. Large numbers of so-called Christians are supporting Trump simply because he changed his public stand on Roe vs. Wade. Of course this was simply a political ploy to garner support from people who should know how extremely ungodly and unChristlike this man is.
    Trump is masterfully herding a bunch of blind sheep into horrifying destruction! Before long these blind sheep who have been badly brainwashed will be doing all kinds of evil things and proclaiming falsely that their God wants them to do these things!

      1. I wouldn’t be sure of that. It depends on who replaces him. If it’s an impeachment/assassination and Mike Pence takes over, then yes it could be disastrous. However, given three years and some change within the Democratic party with the rise of a figure like Nina Turner, it could prove these thoughts to be inaccurate. Just something to keep in mind.

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