Dreams and Predictions for July 2017

As the temperature rises up, here are some predictions to cool your mind.

1) Corn will become a hot commodity as a shortage impacts the produce this season. Prices will rise greatly as a result.

2) The state of Iowa will have a very devastating summer in regards to a scandal that emerges from their farming industry. It will not be a pretty picture in the slightest.

3) There is the risk of a laptop exploding in the cargo hold of the plane due to the laptop ban put in place by the Trump administration. Although the initial reports suggest terrorism, the laptop will be seen as the culprit in short time. This will see the policy reneged and a different way of screening laptops for bombs follows.

7/5 ETA: A few more predictions.

4) A closeted singer will be pressured to come out as gay by years end. Although his career will suffer initially, he’ll be better off for it long term.

5) There will be some economic and political troubles in France this summer. This recent attempted assassination of Macron proves my warnings about a coup aren’t so far off.

7/28 ETA: I have to get around to updating my predictions fulfilled page as a number of new fulfillments have occurred over the last few weeks. In the meantime, here’s another dream based prediction I had last night.

6) I had a dream of driving up to a theme park and a mass amount of people were evacuating the park. Some were crying over losing their friends while others were in total fear. Surprisingly, the cause of the problems was not terrorism but instead a sinkhole that swallowed people alive. I wasn’t able to gauge how many people perished, but the crowds looked intense and flights were not leaving immediately following this incident. I don’t want to reveal personal things that happened to me in the dream, but I’m torn between this happening in San Diego or somewhere in Australia. It might also happen in Florida, but I got a very west coast vibe based on which direction my flight would be heading home. I’m not sure when this should occur, but perhaps watch for it in August or September.

2 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for July 2017

  1. Donald Trump’s latest video Tweet showing him beating the crap out of a news reporter is an extremely deliberate incitement to violence, rioting, and civil war. If anyone doubted that Donald Trump was very much under the control of the absolute worst Satanic influences, this should settle all doubts in a hurry!!
    It makes no difference if this was a real assault and battery or something staged with actors. Donald Trump’s extremely evil intent is extremely obvious! I’m surprised you didn’t forsee this.

    1. It’s funny you mention this because one of my blog drafts concerns just the thing you are saying. Trump may be instigating some of it, but much of it is organic stemming over from 2014-2016. Such overthrow attempts will fail, but they will sufficiently scare the elite into ending austerity and seeing some social reforms come about. It may also end Trump as he’ll be seen as responsible for decimating the social order. I’ll explain more when I post that blog. Be on the look out for it.

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