July 2017 is a very meticulous month yet unpredictable. Some individual embraces this month for they expect themselves to be clever and lives a modest life. In contrast, others may wished to drop this month as this is the 7th month of the year where they felt as floating and threatened by their marital relationships.

In the Philippines, the eastern and central visayas will pour huge amount of rainfall, typhoons from 1-3 maybe at stake. Landslide and overflowing of streets canal and water will likely to experienced.

London and the United Kingdom will have another terrorist attack so as in Pennsylvania and Cambridge.

People born first in their family during this month will received a surprise, a very charming luck awaits on his career and healthy living conditions.

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One thought on “FRUITFUL AND WITTY JULY 2017

  1. What exactly are you seeing in the UK in regards to this? I hope it does not come to pass. Uk is going through a lot at the moment, gov is in turmoil I don’t see PM may staying in power if I am honest. Last thing we need is another general election.

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