North-land Tribesmen Gang Warfare

Gangs thrive in areas of North land will exudate a gang warfare with big gang leaders apparently involving with drugs and cult parameter known to have big populations and high levels of crime, poverty and unemployment.  They are also largely responsible for its shocking rates of domestic violence and child abuse.


As this country of origin legalized the use of drugs, a demonic outburst of gang killings and violence will increase the incident of crime, state authorities can’t hold the control of violence thereto. Accuracy of vision before November ends of 2017…

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One thought on “North-land Tribesmen Gang Warfare

  1. It looks like Liam called it right on the British election. Theresa May mistakenly thought the election would strengthen her party. Instead it helped the Labour party. Since terrorist attacks are a big issue now, what does this outcome mean for British policies aimed at Islamic militants? Theresa May wanted internet censorship to prevent potential converts to ISIS or al-Qaeda from getting assistance on the internet. If Corbyn seizes power what will he do?

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