The Troubles and Worries of 2nd Half of 2017

As we enter the second half of 2017, the start of month of June is poised to be terrifying not only by act of terrorism but the threat of Climate Change. To go further, politics played behind the nuisances of public officials of every state.

The crossroads of faith of Christianity over the non-Christians will continue to bleed until the end of 2017. Pakistan will have a terror threat and a collapse of economy in Ireland is seems to be highly at risk.

A pop singer artist from Hollywood is less chance to survive as he will face a heart attack syndrome at his middle age. Synonymous to this by month of November, 2017, Pope Francis may have end his term due to illness.

The threat of Strong Typhoon will land over the Southern Part to Eastern of the Philippines. Huge Rain drops will cause floods and landslides eyeing by month of August, 2017.

It is by this second half of 2017 where another terror attack in the USA will perished about 10-15 American Lives while a strong Political State Leader from Asian Country will be Assassinated.

A new formula will be presented to cure a an existing virus around the globe.


7 thoughts on “The Troubles and Worries of 2nd Half of 2017

  1. I hope things calm down here in the UK after the incident last night, it is very worrying.

  2. Do you see things getting better now, whoever the next PM is taking control of the situation we face?

  3. The strong political state leader from an asian country you are talking, is he narendra modi ?

  4. The strong political state leader from an asian country you are talking about, is he narendra modi ?

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