Dreams and Predictions for June 2017

I’m already in the process of getting visions for as far off as 2018, but those will be displayed closer to the end of the year. In the meantime, here are some predictions for the more immediate future.

1) Donald Trump continues to alienate important allies and they coordinate against him to either have him impeached or assassinated before the end of this term.

2) Comedian Kathy Griffin has hit a rough patch after she posed for a photo with Trump’s bloody head. Despite the fallout, I do think she will recover and have one final bout of success before fading into obscurity towards the end of her life. If the comeback works as planned, she’ll even end up hosting an Academy Awards ceremony down the line at the last minute.

3) There will be major revelations in regards to Stephen Colbert’s support of pedophiles and Jimmy Fallon’s long rumored drug use. Both men will see seismic problems this summer with up and coming comedians threatening to take their respective perches. I do think they will both hold off the onslaught, but it will be brutal for the both of them as a result.

4) There will be a major international incident that takes place in Malta in the near future. I do believe this in regards to terrorism or a military strike, but I’m not certain.

6/12 ETA: I posted below a commemoration of our third year anniversary. With all of the things that have been happening in my life, I simply forgot to mark the occasion. Thank you for your continued readership and best wishes to everyone for the remainder of the year. With that in mind, here are some other predictions.

5) If you have been planning to travel to Cuba, you better get your trip booked soon. Trump will likely announce a closing of relations with the embattled island and cut off American tourist activity substantially. Although he will honor trips that have already been scheduled, future trips in 2019 will be officially prohibited.

6) The issue of gentrification and a lack of affordable housing will blow up in a big way this summer. Even the most right wing of politicians will not be able to withstand the heat from the fallout that comes over this issue and how it effects our political system.

7) In spite of an announced partnership with the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party, I do not believe Theresa May will be able to pass a Queen’s speech. A successful court order against the pairing by rival Sein Finn (in violation of the Good Friday agreement) and massive unrest in the streets sees the coalition falter and Corbyn given the opportunity to form a minority government with himself as the leader. He will succeed with the help of some rebel tories looking to send a message to the Brexiters and the Tory government.

8) I have the eery feeling that more terrorism is on the horizon in the US. It’s been relatively quiet here, but that won’t last long.

6/21 ETA: A few more predictions to share.

9) I should have posted that I thought Jon Ossoff would lose to Karen Handel, but now that it has already happened, I should warn that this is what Democrats should expect to see more often heading into the midterm elections next year.

10) I’m extremely troubled by the situation in the Gaza Strip over reduced power payments by the Palestinian Authority and the subsequent power cuts by the Israeli power authorities. The danger of not finding a resolution to this problem immediately is both a humanitarian and military crisis seeing both another war in the next few months and a possible plague that begins to form in the wake of a lack of sewage disposal on the ground. Neither side will end up victimless as both will see mass casualties and it could make both the strip and the Israeli towns near the border uninhabitable for centuries to come. It will also see much of my predictions on this from 2017 fulfilled as well. Hope cooler head prevail, but they most likely won’t.

11) I don’t believe Colin Kaepernick will be signed to an NFL team, but the league will find in short order that their decision to blacklist him will have bigger consequences than they can foresee at this time. When dark scandals in the league finally come to light later this year and into the next, you can thank Kaepernick for blowing the lid off the place when no one else had the guts to do it.

6/25 ETA: Another prediction, may be the last for the month.

12) Singer Shawn Mendes puts up a front of being a genuinely nice person, but that facade is soon about to deteriorate. It will get to a point where even his most ardent fans will be unable to make excuses for the petulant behavior he’ll unleash, largely unprovoked.

14 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for June 2017

  1. I hope that someone does get rid of Donald Trump. His attempts to destroy freedom of the press and to undermine the normal function of the judiciary bother me a great deal. Many voters were misled into believing the huge lie that Trump was somehow for rank and file workers. As president he is showing his true colors.

    1. From what I can tell the evaluating the performance of Donald Trump depends on what media outlets you listen too. The bias seems to be so great one can not separate fact from fiction, as for me and the job I have the changes are positive and we are already starting to feel the relief. So my opinion is not from the media it’s from what is actually being shown.
      By the way I work in manufacturing, and the company is now hiring and expanding creating high paying jobs that in turn create more jobs in the local community.

      1. @ “myseventh” – That’s what happens when there is deregulation: fast gain for future pain. (Reagan era) Jobs in clean, renewable energy will be the way of the future and are already being created in Germany, France, India & even China. There is not enough $ in it to line the pockets of the 1% so I can’t imagine the US getting on-board. Relief? Not where I live; the local Real Estate market is flooded with listings and prices are falling. Lower middle class areas are becoming deserted, and the middle class is trying to hang on. The end of the orange kings reign, however it arrives, cannot arrive soon enough.

    1. Well for Jeremy Corbyn to become prime minister, the current minority has to become the majority. So if the current Tory government is the majority, it will become a slight minority. Hope this answers your question.

    2. Sorry I got confused by your question. It might be a minority coalition as Labor on its own won’t have the majority vote and a coalition will require SNP participation.

  2. Liam, yesterday trump withdrew from paris climate accord saying that global warming is a hoax. Recently, in some articles I was reading that instead of global warming a global cooling is coming. What is true global warming or global cooling ?
    And, if global cooling is indeed coming then what will be the energy of the future (I guess fossil fuel won’t be the energy of future) ?

    1. The mistake scientists made earlier in the process was to call it global warming. What is happening is climate change where temperature levels drastically go off what is traditional for various regions on Earth. Such temperature disparities lead to rising sea levels, periods of drought and extreme weather that makes human communities unlivable. It is a vast threat to humanity because it will lead to starvation, war and mass death if it isn’t addressed. The thing about the Paris Climate Treaty, though, was that it was a mostly symbolic gesture that didn’t really take any concrete steps to address climate change by enforceable law and it disadvantaged American workers in the process. I’m not opposed to the pulling out, but unless another policy is put in place, it will lead to problems for humanity further down the line.

    1. It may seem like Corbyn can’t get it now, but the lack of a majority for the tory party will be unstable; especially relying on the repulsive DUP. If May can’t get a Queen’s speech passed, Corbyn has a chance to cobble a coalition together and would succeed in these efforts. I’m not willing to say if I’m right or wrong until then.

  3. One thought that comes to me regarding the Georgia special election is the possibility that the Republicans could possibly have cheated. After all there are many voting machines in that district that do not have a paper trail to verify the accuracy of the vote totals reported. If the machines were hacked it could come from political partisans in the USA just as easily as the Russians. The discrepancy between anticipated and actual reported results is too large for me to dismiss it as just a co-incidence.
    I do however suspect that there could also be problems with ineffective Democratic party strategy. I think the Democrats need to be very active on the internet and social media to counter what the Republicans are doing there. This might be one of the places where the Democrats are not being effective campaigning.
    Another potential problem is that the Democrats could be undermining their message that they are for the common people, not the wealthy and privileged. When they accept huge sums of cash from the big banks, Wall Street, and Big Pharma, etc. they undermine this voter pitch.

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