Tinashe: A Classic Tale of Be Careful What You Wish For

I normally would have just put a short blurb for my psychic predictions list, but I wanted to elaborate on this. It’s reelated to my previous blog on the satanic music industry and how it can chew people up and spit them out. The singer above, Tinashe, was recently quoted in an interview saying she doesn’t understand why anyone would shun the spotlight. Despite the fact that some may perceive such words as cluelessness (akin to that of the average person), the words were, in actuality, said in anger. After five years of flopping in pursuit of a singing career, Tinashe has reached the near end of the line before getting dropped by her label. As Hollywood tales have previously foretold, it is at the near brink of failure that tides often turn.

Her new single, Flame, while currently underperforming, will soon skyrocket to the top of the charts. This comes after an unexpected promotional bonanza brings her wealth and riches that she never deemed possible. Of course, like with any bout of fame, such offerings come along with a price. When her due is finally given, much of her personal life will be laid bare for all of the world to see. It will expose ugly sides of her that she’d rather stay hidden and force her into a position to where she will be on the near brink of suicide. When this occurs in six months time, she’ll be singing a different tune all together. Instead of burning down a bad relationship, she’ll be burning down a chapter of her life that she’ll never forget.

A final warning to our readers as I close this prediction. Be careful what you wish for, because you sometimes might get it. What such wishes come with is not often as pleasant as it may seem on the surface. Tinashe is a case example that will exemplify this point soon enough. She’ll learn this the hard way; hopefully as a lesson for others not to follow.