Dreams and Predictions for May 2017

This is a bit late already, but part of the reason is I don’t have much to say at the moment. I’ll post what I can and update it later.

1) Marine Le Pen wins the French election plunging France in chaos and economic impoverishment. (5/7 ETA: Yes, obviously from the initial reports this prediction is extremely wrong. However, I still am not convinced that Le Pen isn’t going to orchestrate a coup to give herself the Presidency like Geert Wilders still could in the Netherlands. I’m glad that a lot of this fascism is being rebuffed in Europe, but if the coups do occur, my predictions aren’t entirely inaccurate. Just keep this mind as the French go into another election next month.)

2) Hurricane season will be mild this year and there will be no serious storms that do a lot of damage.

5/10 ETA: Needless to say, being wrong on prediction #1 has been a bit discouraging, but the election was incredibly fluid and it was hard to keep track of its various changes. It’s not the first time either and so I brush myself off and continue on. While I’m glad that Le Pen has been stopped for now, there is a risk she becomes President through other means. I’ll elaborate on that another time. In the meantime, here are some other predictions that need sharing.

3) Despite how chilly this time of year has been for vast parts of the world, this summer will be the hottest on record. Massive blackouts and droughts worldwide follow.

4) Italy will begin to face questions later this month about leaving the EU. Despite some resistance from hedge funds, the public votes to expel themselves by years end.

5) Some of the anti-gay laws that have been in various African countries have received anger and outrage and there will be efforts to lead to their repeal in the near future. A lot of them, if not outright repealed, will see dilutions that shows progress for the gay community on the ground in these nations.

6) Looking for yet another distraction from his horrible presidency, Trump begins to discuss the idea of space travel and it will see more concrete action take place in the new year.

7) Like a lot of other psychics, I do believe we are overdue for a major terror attack and I am convinced that we will see one this summer or this fall. By major, I mean an attack that takes many lives (likely more than one hundred). Although Europe is the most obvious target, don’t be surprised if New York or Los Angeles get hit as well. Its even possible that the state of Texas could be on the wrong side of coin this time around.

5/15 ETA: I was debating whether to post these things as prediction updates, and might, but decided to post them here for convenience.

8) The Palestinian hunger strike, in its thirtieth day, has the troubling likelihood that it will get out of hand if a resolution isn’t struck in the near future. If Marwan Baghouti is to die in the manner of Bobby Sands, expect a major bout of violence between Israel and Palestine this summer. It will turn the US against Israel permanently and see Russia entering the fray as a more neutral arbitrator of the dispute.

9) Violence has been a constant at the Dakota Access Pipeline of late. On the heels of a reported oil spill, I suspect a major flare up of tensions on the ground leading to terroristic violence in the summer. This is a small sample of what is to come.

10) Mayor Bill de Blasio will have an alarming summer that I feel he will not survive, either politically or with his life.

5/18 ETA: An important dream to share.

11) In relation to prediction #7, I have had this dream twice now so it’s probably a very likely scenario. I have seen at multiple angles a major terrorist attack occur on a football game. I believe it is the Dallas Cowboys vs the Green Bay Packers and there are four commercial airliners that crash into stands killing hundreds, even thousands, of people and injuring thousands more. I’ve seen this from the stands as a person is about to die. I’ve seen is as a person is making their way out and is fleeing in a sea of smoke and fire. I’ve seen a woman separated from her child and fighting her way to reunite and escape. I’ve also seen the underground tunnels the players leave from collapse on top of them, one teammate seeing others killed and in fear of his life. All of this leads to an implosion of the stadium on all four sides. A rescue effort takes place where some survivors are rescued from the rubble, but most who could not escape perish. This may be similar to or what is being planned by terrorist groups as we speak. Hopefully it does not come to pass. It would occur in the August to September range of time at the height of the season opening.

22 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for May 2017

  1. How do you think she will win, the polls where correct in the first round. And macron is being backed by all the media etc. The leaks yesterday would they not be too late to make a difference?,I heard they have big media election blackout in France.

    1. The polls aren’t always reflective of the reality on the ground. A lot more voter apathy will be apparent in round two and it will benefit Le Pen immensely. The leaks from Macron don’t help either, as most voters have the internet and they can see the content of the leaks for themselves. It feels like Hillary vs Trump all over again. I could be wrong, but this is my gut instinct.

  2. About the Macron leaks, is Putin behind them? If so, how long will the world have to put up with his deceit and constant manipulations of elections? Do the Russians want to invade Syria to get their hands on the oil? Personally I think Putin is just as dangerous as Kim Jong Un.

  3. Looks like le pen has lost early exit polls showing the elite banker macron has won by around 60 percent, this is not good.

    1. Read the update. I wrote about something similar for Geert Wilders last month. France has another election in June. Le Pen could orchestrate a coup at that time. If so, my prediction isn’t totally inaccurate.

  4. I know for a fact that exit polls are not reliable. Very often liberals are more willing to participate in such polls that right-wingers. To the extent that some people aren’t willing to be polled that way you have bias in the results.

  5. You predicted in your initial page that macron would win at beggining of year. Would corbyn win still stick or is the populist strand now over. Also will may try to rig election like cameron

    1. I’m still convinced Corbyn will pull it out. I’m also not yet convinced that Le Pen won’t find a way to stage a coup to install herself as President. I know my insight on this was flatly wrong, but I’m still convinced that all isn’t what it seems.

      1. Is there any possibility you could be seeing a different time period when Macron gets into serious political trouble and there is another future election where he squares off again against Le Pen with a very different vote outcome?

      2. Possible, but there could also be a coup attempt if her party wins a significant amount of seats in the parliamentary election next month. France isn’t quite of the woods just yet.

  6. The recent firing of James Comey looks like an attempt to quash the FBI investigation regarding Russian meddling in the 2016 election. I am very concerned that Trump may well get away with this
    coverup of what he did. After all we have GOP control of both houses of Congress and most Republicans want to whitewash this thing without an honest investigation. Trump’s probable replacement for Comey will likely be a partisan Republican who cannot be trusted to do an honest unbiased investigation .Where do you see this thing going? I am extremely distrustful and believe that the GOP Congress will try to save Trump instead of looking for evidence to see if he did something seriously wrong.

    1. No and not exactly. The seeds of destruction against Trump are fermenting, but impeachments can take a very long time. It’s the start of a downfall, but by no means is it guaranteed to be over anytime soon. Corbyn, as much as he a good choice for the UK, has faulty foreign policy ideas that would still fuel the military industrial complex. He’ll do well for the economy and relations with the dwindling EU, but he’ll very much disappoint in his military decisions.

  7. I’d love you to be right about Corbyn, but the right wing press is so against him and the Tories so sure of themselves that they’ll have a landslide win with May. Did you see this in a vision?

  8. I saw your prediction about a terrorist attack at an NFL game. I notice that on October 8, 2017 Dallas will host the Packers at their stadium. What you describe sounds like something al-qaeda would do. The good news is that most events predicted by psychics are not set in stone. For example, if the airport the planes came from were closed the event would not happen. If what you predict actually occurs it will adversely the entire NFL football industry, all players, all coaches, all team owners, all TV contracts, etc. Since you have seen this horrifying vision more than once, perhaps you should warn DFW Airport in Irving, Tx of what you saw.

    1. Hard to say. It should benefit Corbyn as this happened on Theresa May’s watch, but if he says something dumb, it may not help him as much as he’d want it to.

    1. Labour are getting closer if you believe the polls. I hope he does not win as Brexit will be finished, also he is very pro open borders etc leavers did not vote for this and me neither.
      If he does win this could be really bad for the UK, I here he likes the socialist economic model look what has happened to Venezuela not good.
      Would you be seeing the pound drop if he does win, stock market etc?
      Also I fear he would just roll over in talks with the EU and just take any deal.

      1. I don’t want to get into a whole debate on the merits of socialism, but Jeremy Corbyn would be a superior choice to May. He still pull out of the EU if elected and foster better relations with Merkel in the process. I doubt May would go through with it if she can’t get a coalition together in the parliament that supports such a move and the deal isn’t what she promised the voters. If anything, May is more likely to backtrack and call off the Brexit than Corbyn is. She never supported such a move in the first place while Corbyn was apathetic during the Brexit campaign.

      2. The first answer from earlier was supposed to be addressed to someone else. I apologize about that.

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