Theresa May’s Foolish Folly

As I previously predicted, Theresa May will be holding general elections this year in the United Kingdom. While she believes that this will help her shore up a majority and, as a result, a mandate for her governance, she’s making a huge mistake for herself. Like Hillary Clinton before her, the media’s propagating of inevitability is resented by much of the public and they, like with the Brexit result before it, may be ready to show the elite of England that they will not follow orders nicely. Along with this, Vladimir Putin will come after her and help elevate her rival who is seen as more sympathetic to his interests, Jeremy Corbyn. While many think his leadership is coming to an end, the truth is he’ll win the general election and shock the nation, and the world, in the process. The UK aristocracy will try its hardest to destroy him upon such an upset victory, even with an assassination attempt along the way. However, it will fail and Corbyn will be remembered as one of England’s favorite prime ministers. While May thinks this is the beginning of a major revival of her political fortunes, she’ll soon discover it will be a disastrous end for her career like what became of her predecessor, David Cameron. This foolish folly won’t have a happy ending for the Tory party, though fortunately it still sees Brexit in its wake.

3 thoughts on “Theresa May’s Foolish Folly

  1. I think we’re going to learn that the Russians are highly proficient in knowing how to alter the outcome of elections in foreign countries. Obama showed he wasn’t so good when he tried to make Netanyahu lose in Israel in the March 17, 2015 election. The Russians know how to brainwash the public of foreign countries so they will vote the way Vladimir Putin wants them to vote. American political leaders have not refined the correct techniques to pull it off. The Russians got a highly offensive, loose lips, warmongering, bullying demagogue into the American White House.

    1. As someone who listens to what people are saying here in the UK one thing is becoming clearer and clearer a lot of labour voters are either not going to vote or changing to the conservatives they simply just do not like Corbyn he appears to be more communist than labour, Russia might just find that the British do not like other countries sticking their noses in our business.

  2. Here is my prediction for this year theresa May will win the election, the euro will go to the wall two other countries will leave the Eu which will then begin to break up, With a debt owed by all 27 countries that is so astronomical and one of the architects of the euro saying that it is now unsustainable the prediction re the euro going under is evident to a five year old.

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