The Brink of World War 3

I hinted at this in my first prediction for this month and it seems like a fulfillment has already occurred. Trump’s attack on a Syrian air base last night after an alleged chemical attack on civilians by Assad’s government takes us to an extreme moment of danger. This comes as a major reversal of Trump’s campaign promises and his supporters have already turned on him over the action. What makes this strike so foolhardy is that we don’t really know who launched the chemical attack and the facility bombed is fighting ISIS, a more imminent danger. Russia’s cool response alarms me and the risk of world war 3 is very great. This bombing, on the 100th anniversary of the US entry into world war 1, threatens to send the world in war yet again.

In spite of this danger, though, I do believe that it will de-escalate in the next few days when the war gets too hot. However, Assad will have to be removed from power in order to do that. The deep state does not care if we are nuked off the face of the Earth and the Russian government must know that they are dealing with mad men not bluffing with their threats of a holocaust. I said Assad would be disposed of in my 2017 predictions. Hopefully, he’ll leave quietly rather than threatening a nuclear apocalypse to accomplish the job. It’s the only way to take ourselves off the brink of total destruction.

9 thoughts on “The Brink of World War 3

  1. Yes, it seems that Trump has caved in to the Deep State. The Swedish Doctors for Human Rights reported that it was probably a false flag, because photos of the people spraying victims showed them wearing no protective clothing. I’m wondering how many more countries the US wants to destroy for oil. Assad was democratically elected. When he’s no longer in power, the US will have won, and they can then install a Syrian leader who’s more amenable to US plans.

  2. I think you’re right Liam–the US won’t rest until Assad is ousted. What I don’t understand is this: who is giving the US the orders to get rid of Assad? Assad is democratically elected. The country’s not perfect, but people there have been happy with him. What’s the ultimate goal?

    1. Israel is the major instigator and they will suffer for it in the near future. They want a region that they can militarily and economically dominate. Taking down Syria leads to a major confrontation with Iran. That’s when things will get messy and will backfire in ways they don’t expect. The Iran deal makes this a major fools errand. It will also open up the discussion on the plight of the Palestinians; a group that has all but been ignored. Assad will eventually be ousted, but it won’t be without consequences for the west.

    1. I wrote about this a number of years ago. Kim Jong Un would be assassinated. I thought it would happen last year and there were plans, but they were derailed due to South Korean instability. Now that things are settling there, things are full speed ahead. Without any other delays, I do think Un will be taken out by no later than June or July. When that happens, a conflict between the US/regional allies vs China follows, though the US will drop out relatively quickly leaving the other nations on their end. They will overthrow the communist regime and it will be an entirely new day in China by 2020.

  3. Hi Liam, Are the elite planning to introduce a new world order Satanists? Do they intend to get rid of the UN, or are UN in on the plan for a borderless one world? Do they consider that those killed in wars they create as sacrifices to satan? Was 9/11 carried out as a sacrifice to satan? Will the Satanists be successful? Is it their plan to create as much chaos as possible in order to then introduce the new world order when satan will rule over us?

    1. There’s a big battle at the moment between Trump and the deep state over this. Trump wants to end the UN while the deep state is desperate to hold up its new world order agenda. What both seem to agree with is that the more Satanic secrets of our world are to be kept hidden, but those secrets will be revealed over the many years to come. They will fail, as those such as Nostradamus have predetermined they would, but with a lot of hiccups and tragedies along the way.

      1. I’m so glad you say the satanists will fail. I wish a light would be shed on what the world’s elite are doing. I don’t understand why Trump would want to keep the satanists hidden, unless he’s one of them or he has many friends who are.

      2. It’s the latter. He’s been friends with these people for four decades or more. He won’t be the one to reveal anything as he is as an Anti-Christ archetype. It will be ordinary citizens who do the grunt work, though many won’t get the credit they deserve. Glad my visions have given you hope. We need more of it these days.

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