Dreams and Predictions for April 2017

I’ll write more specific predictions in the future, but #1 is more of a general comment than anything else.

1) April, along with August, will be the most consequential months of the entire year. Big changes are on the horizon in regards to politics and also the state of foreign affairs. Specifically watch for major changes in the Trump white house. It will devastate the country in ways he may not expect.

4/7 ETA: With prediction 1 already in the process of fulfillment, it’s time to add some more predictions to do this list.

2) London will be in a state of crisis this month and it will have nothing to do with terrorism. It will have major political implications for Theresa May’s government and will likely seen an upswing for a currently embattled Jeremy Corbyn.

3) I know this seems like quite a long shot of thinking, but there’s a chance that Jean-Luc Mélenchon surpassed Marine Le Pen in the first round of presidential polling. If he does, he’ll defeat a very war hungry Macron easily. If not, I’m starting to believe that Le Pen is inevitable, sad as it is to say.

4) With the troubles in Syria more apparent than ever, Israel’s jubilation will be short lived. What goes around comes around and during a similar chemical attack on the Palestinians by Netanyahu this summer, a bomb will be set off at their military base from where they store their secret nuclear weapons. Fair play is the name of the game and it may lead to a fraying of Trump from Israel that I have previously predicted.

5) There will be massive anti-war demonstrations this weekend. It will be part of the reason why the situation in Syria doesn’t get worse.

4/20 ETA: A few more predictions.

6) Angela Merkel is going to have a rough month in May as it will preview a disastrous election result for her in October.

7) As I’ve hinted at previously, there will be a major breakthrough next month on the issue of police brutality. Things are about to change for the better, as surprising as it might to hear.

8) Watch for trouble in the real estate markets of New York and London. It’ll signal what will finally see this long inflated bubble pop into the greatest depression of our time.

14 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for April 2017

  1. My suspicion is that the turnovers we will see in the Trump White House are par for the course when the chief is seeking a totalitarian dictatorship. Trump will purge from both the White House and government agencies all but the most ardent supporters of Donald Trump. He wants unquestioned obedience to his demands!

  2. I take it the London issue has to do with Brexit?
    But I am not sure what it could be are you able to explain in more detail?

    1. It has to do with the politics surrounding its mayor, Sadiq Khan. I’m unable to provide more than that.

  3. I’m wonder whether Trump has changed since becoming POTUS. His actions in Syria are in direct contrast to the platform he stood on during the election–minimal interference in other countries and doing only what was in America’s best interests. Or was he simply hiding his true self. Was he put into the position of POTUS by the elite to carry out their wishes, and during the elections saying and doing what he thought the people wanted to hear so that they would vote for him?

    1. He’s caved into pressure from the military industrial complex and is like every other presidential leader in modern times. He will be stopped if the risk of nuclear war flares up. By impeachment or by bullet.

    1. I’m glad you brought this up because I want to post about this in a blog. As I mentioned in my 2017 predictions, no she will not win. The vibe in the UK reminds me of Hillary vs Donald. Everyone in the media was ready to crown Hillary president, but Donald snuck in and took over through Satanic force. Though no Satanism will be involved this time around, Putin sees Corbyn as the least hostile actor and he will work his military and KGB propaganda agencies to assure that Theresa May’s election is stolen from her by a major smear campaign that will come down the pipeline in the near future. It will shock the whole world, but it’ll be just deserts for an English aristocracy that believes, naively, that it controls everything in UK politics.

  4. If May does not win that means no Brexit, or extreme watered down version. That’s why I questioned this snap election straight away. Watch the media agenda now shift and the conservatives lose. This is all by design to stop Brexit by the elites a last roll of the dice to speak. It is obvious to see.

    1. That’s not necessarily true. Corbyn was never a harsh Remainer and the media made a big stink at the time of the Brexit vote over the lack of interest in campaigning. I do feel that Corbyn will honor the Brexit referendum if he wins. If anything, May’s supposed victory would make a Brexit even less likely because the composition would change where she’d have a parliament less willing to take any deal to get out. No matter how hard the elites try, Brexit is happening. They’ll just have to accept it.

    1. I wrote about this in my 2017 predictions as well. Turnbull will be out in 2019 after two humiliating years for him. I don’t think Shorten is the one who will replace him as I suspect a leadership challenge will come to the Labour party before the general election. Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for the link. I’ve been busy recently, but I’ll watch it when I have a minute.

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