Dreams and Predictions for March 2017

A few predictions to share

1) As France’s election heats up, much of what I foresaw in my 2017 predictions has begun to play out. As Francois Fillon’s frontrunner status disintegrates, both Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron remain as the frontrunners in what will be a competitive and tough race. Having said this, Macron’s chances of victory are a little wavier than previous anticipated. His hand in the brutal crackdown on dissent in the aftermath of the Paris shootings and his plans to impose harsh (if not as harsh as Fillon’s) austerity measures in France’s labor market are troubling. These issues, if they become a main campaign point used by either the Socialists or Le Pen, will be deal breakers for many of the French if Macron doesn’t offer flexibility on his pro corporate stances. Macron will need to make a difficult decision after the first round of voting on April 23rd. If he continues to hold firm on these views, then he will lose the election as a result of apathetic voters refusing to turn up to the polls in support. If, however, he decides to go further left and lay off the austerity politics, he will defeat Le Pen easily. Considering how much of a danger Le Pen poses for France and the wider world, I hope Macron goes about his decision making on this front wisely. If he doesn’t, karma will attack him for what he will see unleashed as a result of his insistence on conservatism at all costs.

2) Greece will be headline news once again this summer as they are brought to the brink of Grexit for the umpteenth time and a default on their bailout funds becomes a possibility. However, in tense political climates and with elections looming, the Europeans leaders will balk and this game of cat and mouse will extend into next year. However, the Greeks will only be able to play this game until that time. In 2018, Grexit will become a likelihood for the nation as the IMF loses patience and the Europeans refuse any more concessions to Tsipras. The results will be devastating, but long overdue and necessary.

3/9 ETA: Another prediction.

3) I was recently reading about how 80’s singer and former American Idol judge Paula Abdul is going back on tour this summer for the first time in 25 years. There’s a reason she hasn’t been on the road in such a long time. Her health and her infamous drug addiction couldn’t sustain it. Just because she’s found herself on hard financial times doesn’t mean she can handle such an endeavor now. Mark my words: she isn’t going to complete this engagement. If she doesn’t cancel it herself, the graveyard will cancel it for her.

3/14 ETA: Some more predictions.

4) Erdogan’s continuous meddling in the Netherlands will backfire on him as the anger from it gets the deplorable Geert Wilders elected as prime minister.

5) Someone will take control of George Michael’s estate to make more money for the heirs than was seen as previously possible. This comes as more confirmation of his murder dispels the current narrative that he died of a heart attack.

3/16 ETA: I thought about putting this as a separate blog post, but I’d rather write about it briefly here.

6) It looks like Bill de Blasio is not going to be indicted on either federal or state charges despite the overwhelming amount of evidence of guilt. This comes on the heels of Preet Bharara’s unceremonious firing from his position despite promises from Trump that he’d stay aboard as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. That came as a result karma that will built upon him through his ruthless actions. I had a feeling when the news of Bharara’s firing emerged that it likely meant de Blasio would get off the hook and it has. Now that means that my prior warnings for death are more powerful than ever. He’s already had a number of close calls before. Since an indictment isn’t coming, death most likely will. He’ll wish he had been indicted in the long run, but it’s too late for that outcome now.

3/28 ETA: Probably the last prediction for the month.

7) I know a number of other psychics have already warned of a bigger terror attack in London after the recent one near the parliament a week ago. I believe I have an exact location for where one will take place unless it is stopped in the near future. In 2011, I wrote that this year would see an attack on a FIFA soccer game. This is the biggest target and would see the most casualties if it were to go through. I also had a prediction for a terror attack at a controversial film screening for 2018, but this is a location to look out for as well. One of these will be the one that happens in July or August.

16 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for March 2017

    1. First off, there’s still a chance that with the coalition of government being built, Wilders will knock out Rutte in the next few months. More importantly, if it is true that he’s totally defeated and his upcoming parliamentary scheme fails, then it’s not the worst thing to be wrong about.

      1. Publicly. In private, he is maneuvering to try to take the top spot by force. As I previously stressed, it may fail, but he is going to try. You’ll see that soon enough.

  1. Hi – I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on Donald Trump’s wiretapping claims, the FBI, and the public’s certainty that Russia hacked our election. It seems to me that something is very fishy about the fact that Trump, to this day, is fully confident that his wire-tapping claims are true. Which could mean one of 2 things, he’s either caught in a lie & wants to save face from embarrassment OR Obama did, in fact, wiretap Trump, with help from the FBI as they suspected that he was colluding with Russia. If then, obviously the FBI would not dare incriminate themselves for being an accomplice to this act. If the latter ends up being true, this could be the most shocking political scandal in modern history. My intuition is telling me that the hysteria over Trump & Russia will die with a blow to the public’s established idea on the matter. Meaning, everyone who thinks they know what is going on will be shocked to find out they were dead wrong & this will further crumble this system. Many of my colleagues entertain this idea. Does this ring any truth to you?


    1. To a degree, but I think the Russia hysteria comes from the fact that the ruling class is furious that they aren’t in a position to go to war with them to fuel the military industrial complex. Trump and public opinion stand in their way. I do believe Obama probably wiretapped Trump while in the White House and it might lead to, as I wrote in my 2017 predictions, Obama’s exit from the country to avoid criminal charges. Also watch for news about regime change in Russia and the media floating a preferred leader in the near future. If they aren’t careful, it will backfire on them and the risk of world war 3 becomes a real possibility starting in 2018.

    2. What I think we need is an independent investigator and prosecutor to determine the facts. We have got to get the partisan influences and political self-interest influences out of it. Whether this will actually happen is another matter. Americans will continue indefinitely to dispute what the proven facts are until someone we can truly trust as being above politics investigates the issues.

  2. Article 50 triggered

    Well it happened but what do you see going forward for the UK regarding this?
    Already within 24 hours the EU are starting to play hardball in taking a tough line.
    I have this strange feeling that the divorce settlement might end up being a redline for the UK as the EU is already asking for 60 billion. They will not even discuss a trade deal before the divorce settlement is agreed.
    This means there is no way a trade deal and everything else can be sorted before the 2 year deadline expires.
    Are the EU trying to punish the UK as an example to the rest of the block, me thinks they are behind the scenes.
    I have a gut feeling it will end up being a hard exit, as things might take an unwanted turn in the negotiations.
    Do you see job losses in the UK due to this, also will the UK union breakup?
    Maybe I am just being too gloomy, thoughts please.

  3. Very interesting but things have changed now that we are on our way to leaving. How do you see things progressing this year in regards to Brexit will the eu punish us?

    1. The punishment won’t be as severe as they may like to hype it. The EU’s implosion will also benefit the UK.

  4. Hi, I’ve read many of your predictions, and I have the feeling that you are spot on about many things. The Deep State hates Trump and is working to undermine him at every turn. Had Hillary got in, the Deep State would have been on track to achieve their objection of WWIII. I think that the behind-the-scenes machinations are still trying to make WWIII happen.

    I would like to ask whether Trump will start going after the satanist pedophiles in Congress and whether he will be successful. My feeling is that he won’t, because to do so would mean some Republicans being found out too. My heart cries for the innocent children being abused by these men (and women) in power–the very people who are supposed to be protecting them.

    I am going for my very first cruise at the end of May, and after reading your prediction that a cruise liner would split in half I am worried. Are you able to say where the disaster will occur? My cruise is in the Mediterranean. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Much of what you say is true, but Trump is not going to “drain the swamp” metaphorically speaking. As I’ve mentioned before, he’s an archetype to a future beast of revelation who will rule over humanity. Trump is not the ultimate incarnation, but he is a test. As such, he will drain no swamps, will not go after any pedophiles and will ultimately see many rights taken away at the stroke of his pen. He will fail in the end, but suffering follows before that day arrives.

      I also don’t see your cruise liner having any problems. The area where I have foreseen issues is either in southeast Asia or Florida/the Caribbean. Your area has already had disaster recently. It won’t likely happen again for a long time to come. Regardless, I will wish you safe travels just in case. A little prayer energy always helps. 🙂

  5. Liam, there was this one dream that I have had two months ago. It’s still fresh in my mind so I am convinced it’s a premotion, because most of my visions comes from dreams whether personal or my country(often they come true).
    In my dream I saw two people performing yajna(hindu ritual). I thought they were demons, so I tried to make them go away(it’s interesting because real demons would never perform yajna) . They got angry after that and threatened me but didn’t do anything. Suddenly they started to speak to me about coming of the evil one. One of them said,he will establish a big mosque(he was saying like it was not a general mosque but something more that, something grand,more meaningful). After some time three good people would raise one by one and destroy that mosque. Everything will be okay then.
    I am fully convinced it’s not a natural dream, it was pretty powerful. But, if those two were messenger,then what was the meaning of the rest. Could you please clear it’s meaning for me ?

  6. Hi Liam, So sad–I think you’re right–Trump won’t ‘drain the swamp’. My thoughts are with the American people, who don’t have a government which governs for them.

    Thank you for your assurance about the cruise. My beautiful daughter died last year. She was only 20. Do you think that people die only when it is their time? Was she supposed to be here for only a short while?

  7. Interesting about him being a “test”… do you see WWIII happening under his regime, and do you see him finishing a full 4 year term? The stress and fear we’ve been experiencing as a nation since 1/20 just doesn’t seem sustainable. Thanks.

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