The Town Hall Troubles

While my prescience on issues has been solid for the most part, certain predictions I’ve made have either been wrong or haven’t played out in quite the way I foresaw them. In certain of these instances, despite a seemingly inaccurate vision, my sixth sense still plays over this scenario as if the prediction just hasn’t been fulfilled yet. It’s with this in mind that I bring attention to the issue of Republicans facing their constituents during the recent raucous town halls this week. I know this may be a case of doubling or even tripling down on bad predictions, but no matter what I do, the feeling doesn’t go away.

As lawmakers face fearful voters over a number of Trump policies, reminiscences of the tea party protests and those disruptive town halls were prevalent. What troubles me about the comparison is how the anger and hysteria upon Obama’s election in 2008 led to a period of right wing uprising that eventually led to the attempted assassination of then congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona. I have made a number of predictions about assassinations that either were fulfilled politically, thwarted by law enforcement or didn’t materialize. In spite of this, no matter how hard the government works to suppress violent threats, cracks in the shield are inevitable. With Trump’s unpopularity even greater than Obama’s ever was, the potential for another assassination (or several) is rising again. While dating isn’t my strongest forte, if these town hall scenes continue to escalate, then someone in power is going to die. The end result of all of this hysteria will not be pretty.

14 thoughts on “The Town Hall Troubles

  1. I read an article about many of these protesters are actually professionals brought in to cause the appearance of the locals being up set. If this article is true then how do you see this playing out for the ones behind the protests? Or do you see this as the actual locals being upset, because the people in my area are happy with the presidents performance so far but my area does not represent the whole US.

    1. This is difficult for me to answer because it’s conflicting with two different thoughts that I have. On the one hand, anti communist propaganda for over a century has tried to dismiss mass uprising as a paid for movement by wealthy people, even when it wasn’t. On the other hand, these town hall actions are too coordinated and so there is a semblance of truth to this. It may be that this is a mix of both. What worries me though is when the rhetoric and reaction spirals out of control. It will get more heated than this and that’s when someone will be assassinated. It can only be held back for so long.

      1. Possible, but it could also be organic and just acted on the impulse of angry people. There is a lot of furor in the air. That tends to manifest itself in unpleasant ways. Watch for this.

  2. Trump’s actions make it crystal clear to me that he is determined to bully both the news media and the judiciary into knuckling under to his will. I believe he is also bullying and purging the CIA to make them stop reporting Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. I would be interested in knowing just how far you think he will get with these dictator-like actions and whether the independent prosecutor that Darrell Issa says he supports to investigate Trump will really happen.
    Also on your original prediction of Trump’s assassination, is there anything you can think of that 11-30 might represent other than a date?

    1. Well, 11/30 is around when Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 so that might be a time he needs to be on the lookout for. I doubt his actions will get too extremist, but he should be monitored just in case. Also remember that much of what the media has been bleating on about has been happening since the Obama/Bush days. Crackdowns on whistleblowers was Obama’s speciality and defending torture plus election rigging was Bush presidency 101 basics. To really understand how Trump is able to do what he’s been doing, you have to look to his predecessors who gave him the pathway possible to do what he’s doing now. Trump will eventually go down, but the road to this moment needs to be examined as well.

  3. Liam could you offer any insight on 2019 indian election. Whether modi will be re elected on 2019 or not ? While he haven’t delivered on his promises his opponents seems more corrupt.

    1. It really all comes down to how he handles himself this year, as I wrote in my psychic predictions for this year (see in the menu bar above). How he handles the coming domestic and foreign relations problems determines his reelection success or failure. So far, it doesn’t look promising, but I’ll be able to give you a clearer answer by years end.

  4. Liam, you have said womans about revolt in islam. Surely, as it is now islam will face a decay in decade, how that will turn out for india’s muslim minority. And, does economic migrants /war refugees will come to india in next say 10-15 years.

    1. I really haven’t done a lot of visions for India because the country is so vast yet the political influence in the outside world is and will be limited. For the most part, India is more isolationist than most other super powers. As such, the interconnectedness, even in a global economy, is limited. They aren’t a reliable ally for other nations and they aren’t pegged as an enemy of the west the way Russia or China is despite what some might argue are similar traits between the nations. Having said all of this, the muslim minority in India will face further repression and as a result, you won’t see a large influx of refugees entering through Pakistan. The borders are more secure whereas Greece’s instability leaves a border into Europe that turns troublesome when Erdogan of Turkey opens the floodgates in the near future. War will also be less severe in India and thankfully its issues don’t spread out to its neighbors. Hope this helps.

  5. Not to critisize, but your predictions are often wrong. And, Trump is very popular. When you rely on the doctrine of demons, you often get lies.

    1. Trump is very popular? Look, as someone who called Trump’s victory when very few other psychics did, I have to tell you that Trump is not popular. It’s not the mainstream media peddling lies on this, it’s actual fact. He didn’t win the popular vote and he narrowly took the key swing states needed to win in the electoral college. That has nothing to do with demons or delusions, but reality that anyone can see. To suggest otherwise is to live in a world of alternative facts. I can’t help you if you can’t accept that. While I have times where my visions turn out to be inaccurate, the vast majority of my predictions get fulfilled either partially or fully or are repressed by outside forces. That’s really all I have to say in response. You can either take it for what it is or not. The choice is yours.

    2. It’s unclear to me where raintree667 gets his information from. Trump has done significantly worse in the polls than most other presidents during early term. I don’t think there are any psychics who have never missed on a prediction.

      1. Thank you Kelly. It’s been getting under my skin recently because a vindictive and psycho psychic has been on a rampage trying to smear Fefe and my site on every social media account they can. It’s taken over the Google search results and it’s all because they delusionally believe we stole their predictions (which we haven’t and never would). I’m not the type of person to go to other people’s sites and respond, but when the criticism comes here, it’s on my domain and I feel the need to stress my points. Also, unlike a lot of the other psychics, we aren’t using our website to extort people for money. That should tell you who has the ethics versus who doesn’t. Anyways, I appreciate the support as always. Best wishes to you.

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