A Note on Prediction Fulfillments


I haven’t had a lot to say in regards to predictions and news because my brain has been exhausted from all of the predictions I wrote for the 2017 summary. As you know, if anything new does come to me, I’ll be sure to post it in the predictions blog on a monthly basis. In the meantime, I’m happy to announce that soon you’ll be able to find a summary of my prediction fulfillments on the top part of the page. I’ll post a blog indicating when it’s ready to read at the time. I’ll also update it as more fulfillments occur. Look out for it in the near future. Best prayers for you all.

5 thoughts on “A Note on Prediction Fulfillments

  1. Hey Liam, sorry I’m trying to figure out how to navigate this website. I’m not able to reply on my pervious comment on your predictions post. I only made an account so I could talk to you. I learned about vimanas from ancient aliens haha! I am an aerospace engineer, so of course this fascinated me when I first learned about them. The vinamas of ancient India. Apparently 6,000 years ago an ancient Indian text called the Vedas speak about flying ships that visited our planet, and they even have a understanding of how the ships operated. Giving details of their best ability to describe the parts of the ships. Of course these ancient people wouldn’t be capable of truly explaining the functionality and engineering within them. They claim to have ridden inside of them, and had relationships with the aliens who rode in them. They give details about how many different metals were within the ship, even metals that aren’t known to us here on earth. Most of the text though isn’t fully translated, which is so unfortunate! If it were to be translated properly there is most likely so much that could be taught to us. When I read about you speaking about this I couldn’t believe it. Especially because you said it would be found in the Indian Ocean, maybe it’s a ship that’s explained in the ancient Vedas text.

    1. Thanks for making the account. Just FYI: comments for blogs normally close after 30 days. It makes it easier for us to moderate and keep track of things. Plus, discussions should be current and having the comments open on current blogs encourages that. Of course, sometimes questions need to be asked on other issues. That’s why I really don’t mind non-related comments on blog posts. It’s a matter of convenience.

      Anyways, considering the description you made on the Viamanas, its entirely possible that this is what the discovery will end up being. It makes sense based on the research you did and it’s quite extensive so I appreciate that effort made. However, I’m going to add a precautionary note in saying that it could be from another form of extraterrestrial life as well. While what you’ve said makes sense, it’s not 100% confirmed from my spiritual guides and there are some doubts from this end. Hope this information helps.

  2. With Trump’s pick to the Supreme Court, what do you see for the future of the Supreme Court? I know it goes back to status quo with the Scalia clone as known as Neil Gorsuch. I have read it is possible for there to be a Supreme Court 7 to 2 on the conservative side. I can stomach 4 years of Trump or god forbid 8 years but this election has screwed up the Supreme Court for a generation. More Trump nominations seems to spell doom for my generation. Do you see any other nominations from Trump during his presidency? What does a conservative Supreme Court mean for the future? I know you wrote about abortions. I feel like minority rights will also be under attack. Corporations will be able to do whatever the heck they want. The environment will suffer. Is possible to get more insight on the changing Supreme Court now or in future posts? Thank you and I know we all appreciate what you do!

    1. I’m not as overly worried about the supreme court as many others. Trump will only get one vacancy, two if Kennedy decides to retire. If not, Ginsburg and Brayer will hold out until another Democrat takes office; likely by 2020. It won’t balance the court too much and that will happen as much of the US wants the supreme court to be less involved in everyday decisions. That makes people power more important than ever and such mobilizations will undermine vast proportions of the corporate agenda.

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