Dreams and Predictions for January 2017

I had one notable dream last night that is worth sharing. It’s not so much of a prediction.

1) I had a dream of being on a road trip with President Obama. He was feeling glum and moribund. I kept trying to press him on the things that went wrong with his presidency, but he kept trying to go into his high points instead. The struggle persisted throughout the vast majority of my dream. When I have dreams like this, it often times means I’m having a direct connection with a person. I do feel like President Obama is filled with many unspoken regrets, but he simply will not allow himself to own up to it. His last years of life are going to be gloomy and while I’ve been critical of him in previous posts, a inner part of me feels like I need to have some sympathy considering what he’s been through. It’s a difficult thing for me to grapple with personally considering all of the horrible things he’s done, but my spiritual instinct seems to push for some. He may come around to owning up to his failures eventually and try to make things right post presidency, but that window will be limited due to Trump’s terror.

1/18 ETA: Another dream based prediction.

2) I had a dream last night where I was driving through the Canadian country side and found mass poverty and racism there. Things were so run down and there was so much suffering and struggling going on. Segregation was also an issue that I got from conversations with locals, but nobody felt comfortable owning up to it. I have a feeling these issues are going to emerge in a major way next month or sometime this year. When they do, it’s going to drastically hurt their prime minister Justin Trudeau who I’ve warned has something sinister behind him. It might lead to his political end if it’s as devastating as this dream suggests. The public is not going to end up letting him stay in office.

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  1. It’s interesting that you chose the word “terror” to describe Donald Trump. You previously stated that there would be big problems between Congress and Donald Trump and we are already seeing some of it now before he is even inaugurated. “Terror” implies someone who will slaughter large numbers of innocent people.

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