A Police State I Will Not Support


With much of the conversation nationally focused on various issues as we begin 2017, it has irked me considerably that one issue over others have been totally ignored. As we enter a new year, it’s important to note the most devastating problem that the United States faces and it’s not what you would initially think it is. It’s the officially sanctioned police state. No matter who occupies the White House, the economic elite ultimately control the agenda from behind the scenes. Our freedoms are constantly violated by the government (through its masters) in the form of its enforcers, the police department. As they are the single handed enforces of this unjust system we collectively live under, they are allowed to get away with things that the average citizen could not. These bits of corruption can range from local placard abuse and stealing to the most heinous of crimes; rape, assault and murder. The murders of unarmed black men in particular are a national tragedy; one that has seen no justice take place despite years of uprisings and unrest. No justice should mean no peace and it has, to a degree. While there has been a grassroots efforts to demand accountability for crimes committed by the state, those efforts have largely been rebuffed by power. Those who are in a position to challenge the system have balked when the going gets tough. That’s where the stalemate stands today and it’s why I’ve said revolution is the only true solution to our problems.

Black Lives Matter, for all of the success it had in bringing attention to the issue, has numerous failures. They have become too complacent with power and not with demanding justice. Due to this comfort with access, police brutality continues unabated. 1100 people were murdered by cops in 2016 and thousands more have been over the decades. That number surpasses any other industrialized nation and leaves us with the lowest of freedoms in the first world. Third world nations would be bombed and sanctioned for similar behavior towards their citizens and yet the US continues on with its practices unchallenged. It is one of the US’ ultimate evils in its history and it must come to an end. It’s largely why our government should have been overthrown between 2015-2016, but with that window now passed, it won’t likely happen again until 2035. These issues, in the meantime, will linger and there will be no peace no matter who controls the White House because of the apparent injustices within our society manifesting into uprisings again and again.

While the opportunity for an overthrow may have passed, that doesn’t mean things can’t change on this issue. They must, actually. It requires communities across the country to get involved at the local level, challenging any politician who shields corruption by the police force and taking over the system from the ground up. Since such efforts will face massive state repression, it also requires calling attention to this issue in an international forum to make the world threaten sanctions against the US for its numerous crimes against its own citizenry. When the US is iced out by people power globally, it will be forced to change or simply cease to exist as a nation. Either solution is better than our current predicament. Anyone who believes it should stand embraces evil in its more pure form.

There are many things that I feel can be better this year than previous ones. I hope this new year sees movement towards ending the police state forever. However this ends up happening, it should start to happen soon. I’m sick of seeing scenes such as this one and you all should be as well.

4 thoughts on “A Police State I Will Not Support

  1. One of the fears I have is that Donald Trump will take short cuts to achieve his goals. To rid the country of illegal immigrants he may jail large numbers of Mexicans with no evidence of wrongdoing. To rid the country of Islamic terrorists he may jail large numbers of Muslims with no evidence of wrongdoing. In an effort to expand his power he will bully the media into reporting only what he allows to be reported. I also strongly fear that large numbers of political opponents of Donald Trump will be jailed simply because they are against his policies.

    1. All of this is entirely possible and why Trump is so scary. That’s why I feel such dread that there wasn’t an overthrow. Those are some of the consequences of not acting when the opportunity presented itself.

  2. I have never been more frightened that World War III is coming than I am now. I now fear that Donald Trump’s extremely belligerent attitude will provoke and directly cause World War III. He is now resorting to extremely heavy-handed bullying to force Mexico to pay for his stupid border wall. I understand that China is currently preparing for a possible war with the USA. They see Trump as a grave menace to world peace and a total madman!

    1. As much as I’ve been hearing this on the news repeatedly with the increased fear mongering, my gut instinct suggests that much of the hysteria is overblown. With better relations with Russia coming, especially over the issue of Iran, there’s a real chance for a breakthrough for peace in the near future. Of course, that’s going to be overlooked because of all of the other problems we’ll be dealing with in regards to combatting the rise of fascism, but it is something to look forward to at least.

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