11:11 2017

I have noticed, and so have others- a constant reminder about 11:11.

I think it means that changes are here.  Big changes.

Personally, I believe this vision for me is a reminder of my original visions years ago that we have reached an age where things are changing and we need to prepare.  In my dreams I’ve been told of the dire need to prepare for some sort of upcoming war or collapse or both.  I just feel the need to repeat this now, amid all the 11:11 sightings I have had lately.



3 thoughts on “11:11 2017

  1. It’s interesting…between 11:11 and 12:12 and 2:22, Im not sure which I see more! I’ve also been feeling like, “you need to rest….there is more coming…” and my “abilities” seem to be fine tuning, and like they are getting stronger(?) as in, my main gift is Clairaudience, but I’ve also been getting accompanying vision…something is on the horizon…

  2. i have seen 222 my entire life….liscense plates my dorm room in college my home addresss on and on..now my dtr also sees it!!!!do you know what 222 means..by the way i was born on the 22nd and so was my dtr!!!its everywhere!pat

  3. What’s going on now with the Trump administration has me scared witless. Far too many executive orders. I think we are going to see frequent changes in his cabinet. Highly provocative policies that needlessly anger foreign leaders and their citizens or they provoke massive and sometimes violent demonstrations at home. He looks like a dangerous madman to me.

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