George Michael


With 2016 approaching its end, I thought it was odd that none of the three major female recording artists on my watch list for untimely murder ended up going this year. All three had major close calls, with Janet’s cancer scare, Madonna’s emotional breakdown and Mariah’s flirting with recklessness. Despite this, each survived so far. It’s with this mind that I’m alarmed that George Michael has died in such a sudden manner and so close to 2016’s close. He did had previous health issues and safety risks, but coroners saying that they can’t determine his cause of death raised alarms. This may have been the elite’s sacrifice for the year. If a cause of death starts to become fishy and uneven, it means the elite have struck again. While I’m glad I may have spared three of the women mentioned in February, it seems that someone always goes when the devil calls for blood. Hope I’m wrong, but I have a bad feeling I’m not.

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