My 2017 Predictions Are Up Early


A rough draft of my 2017 predictions are already posted below. There will be some edits and additions before we enter the new year, but I wanted to give you all a taste of what I foresee this year. To add a bit of mystery and some browsing of my previous predictions, I password locked it until the new year arrives. If you’d like an early sneak peak, please go to my 2016 Predictions from Liam post and find the 17th word of the third paragraph. Enter it as the password and you will gain access. The first letter of the word may need to be capitalized if that helps anyone. Enjoy. 🙂

14 thoughts on “My 2017 Predictions Are Up Early

  1. Thank you for this Liam. Unfortunately the password doesn’t seem to work? Unless I’m picking the wrong paragraph, but I’ve tried it several times and I can’t get access…..Hope you can look into this……

  2. Thank you, Liam. Perhaps I did something incorrectly – I triple checked the 17th word in the 3rd paragraph of your 2016 predictions and the word did not unlock the 2017 previews…thanks for your assistance.


    1. I double checked it and it works for me. The paragraph starts with the words “My writings….”

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