France’s Upcoming Election


I would normally be posting my predictions for December and also readying you all for my 2017 predictions list right about now. However, with the recent decision by embattled French president Francois Hollande to decline running for re-election (effectively seeing his political end, as I’ve predicted previously), this takes precedent. With Hollande out of the way and Nicolas Sarkozy’s return unlikely (ala Jeb Bush in the US), the most likely figure for a win in the 2017 elections at this time is neo-nazi Marine Le Pen. Her election, in trifecta with Trump and Putin, would spell doom for the western world’s democracy and the establishment of human rights around the world. Her ascension would also guarantee the first of three revolutions in France; with this one being put down violently and with brutal repercussions for the working class of France.

There is a way to avert this, but action has to be taken in the here and now in order to avert this disaster. It requires the socialist left in France to rally around an outsider candidate now before the new year arrives. I have no idea who this figure might be, but there is someone in French society watching this election and having reservations about entering the fray. They should commit themselves to getting off the sidelines and getting into the ring as soon as possible; by the end of the year at the latest. Sparing this last minute intervention as a critical development, tough times ahead will be coming to France. I’ll write my predictions more broadly when a decision from this person is made (or not). Hopefully they make the right choice; for the sake of humanity and the principles of freedom throughout the world.

3 thoughts on “France’s Upcoming Election

  1. The way you describe the situation, we’re in a terrible box. If Trump turns out the way you believe, it doesn’t seem all that likely that we can stop him from becoming a full-blown totalitarian dictator.
    The assassination for November 30, 2016 that you predicted failed to materialize. The Democrats made several miscalculations regarding the recounts. They waited too long and needed to contest additional states. In Pennsylvania they are running into past deadline issues. Even if the belated recounts in Wisconsin and Michigan proved huge discrepancies and moved those states to Hillary Clinton, you still have Trump winning the electoral college vote. There are terrible problems also with Hillary. I don’t want either one of them and I don’t think you do either.

    1. As I’ve previously mentioned, dating can be a major problem of mine. If an assassination attempt were to happen this month or in November 30th of next year, would it be that horribly incorrect? My visions on that still stand even if the dating is off. Also remember that there is one other thing that holds Trump from the White House; the electoral college. It’s why I’ve been hesitating to post my 2017 predictions because that meeting could change or alter a lot of visions I’m having at this time. After December 19th, I’ll have more clarity to answer your concerns with more detail. I don’t like either Trump or Hillary so don’t see this from a position of bias one way or the other. There’s just too much fluidity and it’s hard to make sense of all of this.

      I will tell you, however, that this recent incident in regards to Taiwan could be a fulfillment of my prediction on Mike Pence if it’s found that he is responsible for this.

      1. It’s interesting because I also kept seeing 11/30, 11:30, 1130 everywhere i went, every time i meditated, but I was recieving a completely different message…”massive ascension” they kept syaing…so who knows…but clearly 11/30 was something significant…

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