“Alt-Right” persecution

gun_control_third_900x1350.jpgI accidentally watched the news today and heard the weird new mainstream media term for the patriot movement: :Alt-Right.  I immediately thought it sounds like the third reich and is a sign that they are quickly moving forward with a Hitler like persecution of the patriot movement.  I saw images of pending gun control and thought about how they constantly hammer on with their mindless propaganda that the patriot movement is ‘racist’ and that those in favor of the Constitution and Second Amendment are “racist.”  Anyway, my thoughts were quickly confirmed when I read that Hillary had just named Alex Jones by name.  Hillary is clearly in the corner and her NWO handlers are going to try to persecute patriots.  They are announcing their plans by naming their enemies the “alt-right.”  I love Christopher Greene of AMTV and I saw that he also immediately noticed the same thing, according to his video:




2 thoughts on ““Alt-Right” persecution

  1. On the alt right subject. Look for a push to shut down several conservative media sources. Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Drudge Report, Breitbart to name a few. Full propaganda implementation happens in October before the election.

  2. I think we lose big-time with both Hillary and Trump. I think Trump will also try to silence media sources he doesn’t like. Trump wants many of his financial dealings hushed. He looks too much like a puppet of Vladimir Putin and the Russians. Hillary is bought and paid for with the riches of Saudi billionaires, Wall Street, and Big Pharma. I strongly distrust both of them and see a lot of ethics problems with both.

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