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I’ve been very discouraged over the last couple of days over a major prediction fail (one that could still see fulfillment take another form). However, I have resolved myself to continue on because many of the things I’ve previously predicted have already come true. In this blog, I’ll analyze some of those things now and try to prove that mere slip ups don’t detract from my overall prescience percentages.

Last year, I wrote about how historical Jewish and Black relations would begin to fray and turn to a cataclysmic moment of destruction. Over the year since, many provocations from both sides have been bubbling up animosity and anger to a point to which things will explode. When Black Lives Matter recently included a condemnation of Israel’s treatment of Palestine in their platform, it infuriated Jewish groups who denounced the words and warned of how it would effect their moment moving forward. Unfortunately for those Jewish groups, this comes around the time that long standing issues begin to make their way to the surface and the fear of retaliation is diminished by their support of Black oppressors. With the Crown Heights riot anniversary coming with tension over the recent beating of a black man by Orthodox Jews in the same neighborhood, the boiling will soon spoil into a full on riot. This could explode in the near future, making my prediction an entirely fulfilled one.

Earlier this year, I made it clear that US Attorney General Preet Bharara was one to watch. He’s making many more enemies since I last wrote about him and his downfall is coming in the near future. I predicted at the time that he’d try to get to Clinton as he has been doing right now with his investigation into the Clinton Foundation in violation of orders from corrupt Loretta Lynch. As much as he’ll try, it won’t make it to Hillary directly as she’ll have Lynch shut it down before it gets too close to revealing the truth behind the Clinton machine. With some karma backing it up, his career will downfall as a result of getting too close to people in power. He’ll leave behind pieces that others may follow after, but his personal ability to implement justice is about to be bludgeoned over the head by a mafia like group who has no regard for ethics or the rule of law.

I have previously written about the evil that is New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio and how he’ll end up. His equally corrupt police commissioner Bill Bratton left office earlier this month, avoiding assassination which was in the cards in the near future. This likely means that Bill de Blasio will be arrested and avoid an untimely assassination as well. It was a possibility I provided as an alternative and this fate may very well be with him in the near future. He’s gone above and beyond trying to defend evil practices while betraying his political base. He’ll get his comeuppance; just you wait and see.

The organization Wikileaks leaked some of their dirt before the Democratic convention this month, but not enough of it to persuade Bernie Sanders to contest the convention. Had the juiciest of the emails that they have leaked in time, it would have spurred a convention challenge and Bernie would have won with the help of super delegates on a roll call vote. Instead of trying to save the country from Donald Trump, Bernie missed his chance to do the right thing in the hopes that he was doing the right thing for his political party. He didn’t and he’ll still be blamed for when Hillary loses anyway. The remainder of the scandalous emails, including one where Obama implicates himself in shielding Hillary Clinton from criminal prosecution, will come out as an October surprise tipping the election to Trump. Even if Obama assassinates Assange, as he’s been making his associates hint in the press for a while now, the information is going to come out as Putin and the Russians have back up copies for just such an occasion. The elite’s think they can take democracy away from the people, but they’ll find in due time that it is the people who will end up overthrowing them and taking power from them instead.

Finally, comedian Amy Schumer has recently announced that her show may have been cancelled. This comes after my dream months ago that she’d have a meltdown and see her career implode as a result. It’s happened with a number of scandals in recent months and we may soon see a larger meltdown come in the near future. It’s sad when predictions like this come to pass, but it only serves to very validate my prescience.

I’ll have other updates to share at another time. Look for those, and more predictions, in the near term future.

2 thoughts on “More Prediction Updates

  1. In the South for the most part, black/white relations seem okay. But, I have been the recipient lately of some sullen, rude attitudes of black vs white. I hope everyone realizes they are after us all and that we need to pull together if need be.

    1. This wasn’t so much about black/white relations as it was about black/jewish relations. Where I am, they are incredibly tense due to long standing issues and they are tense in other places as well. I’m expecting it will explode soon enough. You’re lucky that the two groups in the south have made some sort of peace. The northern groups are not so lucky.

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