Squatter Revolt Plot

I’ve been seeing this one for the past few months off and on and feel it is a good time to post this prediction about an a squatter revolt/ squatter crisis.  I hope if people are warned this plot will not proceed but be exposed for what it really is: occupation.  More accurately is it terrorist occupation with a plan to take over.  I’m seeing it in the following type stages- as described below.  It could be faster or slower in some areas.

I predict that you will see more and more articles about governments asking people to open their houses to immigrant refugees.  These are just now starting but will increase.  People all over liberal Europe will be guilted into welcoming squatters into their home under the guise that they are being loving and responsible.  People will be forced through government programs to open squatters into their home or else their benefits will cease.  People might likely even get jailed for protesting and revolting at first against the squatters.

There will be reports of welcome and unwelcome squatters.  Squatters will become more and more common and world wide.  Squatters will not be persecuted by the governments but instead those who resist squatters will be condemned.  There will be more protests and resistance against squatters and the governments will become more vocal insisting that the squatters are accepted.  The governments will suppress media coverage on squatters raping the inhabitance of the houses and stealing/looting.

There will be areas of civil decline/collapse and the immigrant squatters will get very disturbing in these areas.  The squatters will start to squat more and more as unwelcome, uninvited people.  The squatters will take over sections of neighborhoods and unoccupied houses until they finally begin taking over occupied homes against the owners will.

As the real estate market crashes this year there will be increased squatters even in the USA.  The real estate market crash and the decline of the economy will be evident as you see more and more reports of these squatters (like a sign).

Finally, ISIS or ISL or whatever terrorist group is behind these terrorist occupants—they have a final stage where all the squatters will turn on the inhabitance and begin war/slaughter.  They are going by the playbook of what happened when the Zionists occupied Palestine.  What began historically as welcomed refugee  Zionist squatters in Palestine —turned into mass genocide and militant occupation.

If the people resist the squatters from the beginning—-and resist strongly—-there is a chance that those areas will be spared from the squatter occupation plot.

If not, mass genocide in certain areas/countries is possible as the squatters  execute their planned revolt and occupation.  If they succeed there will be new sets of refugees who are running from the ISIS refugee squatter terrorist occupants.