A Very Bad Prediction Fail….But Not Because It Was Inaccurate


As I’ve stressed before, there are times on this blog when I make predictions that are wrong and boldly so. For my predictions for this month, I said Paul Ryan would lose his primary challenge to new comer Paul Nehlen the way David Brat did when he challenged House Majority leader Eric Cantor. Paul Ryan won his primary challenge and I made a very visible prediction call that was wrong. However, he’ll wish I hadn’t been wrong about my prediction in hindsight of this posting.

For months now, I’ve said that Paul Ryan is an assassination target. This has gone on since he became the house speaker last year and the threats on his life have been growing rapidly. During his primary campaign, he has been subjected to dehumanizing language and accusations of enabling a Hillary Clinton presidency. It’s what saw Donald Trump publicly praise Nehlen and it’s why I thought Ryan would lose his challenge. If he’s seen as enabling Hillary Clinton by being critical of Trump, then he becomes target #2 for the right wing extremists in the GOP. Donald Trump’s call for “second amendment” people to come after Clinton has forced her to step up her security. She could potentially face gunmen’s bullet; something I have foreseen before. However, since Hillary is much better protected and is on a higher alert as a result of Trump’s comments, Ryan becomes the defacto target of right wing anger instead. It’s why I’m posting this blog and why he’ll wish he had lost to Nehlen in hindsight.

The visions I’ve had surrounding Paul Ryan are very similar to eery visions I had for prior House Speaker John Boehner before he stepped down last year. I had foreseen Boehner being poisoned to death on a dais at a celebration similar to the White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner. Since those visions came to me, two men were arrested by the feds for attempting this exact kind of murder that I had foreseen in the vision. Perhaps those threats are what ultimately forced Boehner into resignation. The threats on his life only stopped when Boehner resigned last year and they have not reappeared, nor are expected to, since.

Putting Ryan into Boehner’s exact place brought the threats that were rising against Boehner onto him instead. It happened immediately following the succession plans and it’s been a problem for Ryan since day one as House Speaker. It’s also problematic considering we are approaching the seventh year anniversary since the last time Paul Ryan received a serious death threat. From a base 7 numerological perspective, that’s a deadly proposal. I had a vision from a number of years ago of Paul Ryan being shot outside of a hotel in Washington DC. He is either entering or exiting a black vehicle and is shot three times in the chest. Security wrestles the gunman to the ground and Ryan is taken to the hospital. He is not expected to survive. The next visions are of his wife and children crying at the loss of their father and husband. This is where my assassination hunches have come from and they have been becoming more vivid and more frequent since Ryan won his primary challenge against Nehlen.

Perhaps my failed prediction for his loss in a primary was simply wishful thinking in the hopes Paul Ryan could find a way to save himself from an untimely assassination. Perhaps my worries about what it would mean for his wife and kids nudged me into attempting to effect the election result and failing to do so. Regardless, with his victory squared away, the threats on his life continue and can only be put out if he leaves office in the near future. This is one of the times I have been very wrong about a prediction I’ve made. It happens to every psychic. It’s sad to say, too, because while I was wrong on this particular prediction, something far more horrifying may be coming in the near future. Assassination is so likely that it is to the extent where I’ll have wished I was right about my failed prediction for his election loss instead.

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  1. Sometimes predictions don’t come to fruition in a certain time line in the way you envision them because you are connecting with yourself in another time line. Sometimes the collected human consciousness in one time line actually rejects the energy of certain evil intentions from manifesting and instead manifests a better reality. Jesus said- where two or thee are gathered in my name there I am in the midst of them- the power of manifesting thoughts and prayers!

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