Dreams and Predictions for August 2016

Note: #2 was obviously wrong and I wrote a blog about it that you can see if you scroll down the page. The others are still forthcoming.

I have a number of prediction updates to share in the near future, but in the meantime, I have two psychic predictions to share and more to come.

1) Just recently, I wrote that Donald Trump was going to become the president. There are two ways that he is planning on doing this. Part one is in the process as we speak which is orchestrating with wealthy friends of his to engage in an massive stock sell off in October that will rattle the Obama administration and give Trump more a chance of victory the following month. The second is asking his friend Vladimir Putin to escalate the crisis in Ukraine to force a US military reaction and at the same time funneling his money into what will become a rising anti-war movement that comes to our shores. The polls may have given Hillary a post convention bump, but when Donald is finished with his meddling and scheming, all of the pundit’s commentary to the contrary of his election success will be for moot.

2) A number of months ago, I wrote that Paul Ryan was an assassination target. Sometimes, assassination visions can mean an attempt or an actual murder. Other times, these visions manifest into a political resignation or a defeat in an election. This has happened many times and I foresee it happening again next week for Ryan. Facing an extremely competitive primary challenger in Paul Nehlen, Ryan is losing support from Donald Trump and a payback is coming in the near future.

Like Eric Cantor before him, Paul Ryan is facing anger from the tea party wing of the Republican party and is on his way out soon. When Ryan loses to Nehlen on August 9th, it will spell the definitive end of his political career. He will most likely avoid an untimely death, with one caveat. With Ryan’s career over, this will make the prospects of the TPP (the anti worker Trans Pacific Partnership) that much higher because he’ll have no more elections to run and will be held unaccountable by the voters in the lame duck session. In the event that he decides to thumb his nose at the voters, like he’s been doing in recent days, when the government is overthrown, the rebuke by him of the voters will only serve to inflame tensions and see a downfall come in a more violent manner. If he doesn’t handle his defeat with grace, he’ll be saying grace as he enters the graveyard in the very near future. (8/9 Update: Not to get too ahead of myself, but this was a prediction fail by a large margin. Although the results haven’t come in just yet, Paul Ryan seemed to destroy Paul Nehlen by 90 to 10 %. I’ll change this update if that number changes, but it means that he survived a challenger. That’s not necessarily a good thing due to the impact it will have on his safety. I’ll explain why at another time; especially with Donald Trump’s recent “second amendment” comment.)

8/3 ETA: I’ve had this thought a couple of times now. It’s time to finally post something on record before it’s too late to do so.

3) Country singer Hunter Hayes has a thing for airplanes and flying them. Unfortunately, celebrities and airplanes are not usually a good combination when it comes to wanting to live. Just ask John F Kennedy Jr. or Aaliyah or the three big stars of 1959, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. If Hunter continues to pursue his pilot’s license and takes his flying more seriously, he’s at a real big risk of dying tragically in a plane crash in the near future. This fatal crash that he happened to witness two months ago should have been his warning from the universe of what will happen to him if he continues flying in a professional capacity. Hopefully, he’ll heed this advice and cease these endeavors. His mother will be devastated if he doesn’t.

8/4 ETA: I have other psychic prediction updates to share soon, but this is another prediction from me.

4) Two political writers will suffer major downfalls this year; Amanda Marcotte and Cassandra Fairbanks. Both will have a humbling moment the way Dan Savage will.

8/14 ETA: A few more predictions to share.

5) Retribution for the deaths of unarmed black men is coming in the near future. In a predictions for 2016 private list I made between 2012 and 2014, I said that both George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson would be murdered this year. With the assaults on both Zimmerman and Dylan Roof occurring on the exact same day a few weeks ago, these are signs that the death of Zimmerman and Wilson are forthcoming; like by gunmen and likely by the end of the year. Watch for this in the near future.

6) I had a vision of a suicide bomber entering a police station and blowing himself up. This killed thirteen police officers and injured a dozen more. I also saw a vision of a suicide bomber arrested at a police brutality protest and blowing himself up; killing three officers. The tactics against the police state are growing and will become more militant as time goes on. This sets off the revolutionary violence that will inevitably lead to the overthrow of the US government.

8/31 ETA: One last prediction for August.

7) In addition to watching for a potential Britney Spears death tonight, World War 3 provocations will be commencing in September. If they aren’t halted soon, it will spell doom for the entirety of the planet.

6 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for August 2016

  1. The majority of psychics go the other way on the Presidential election. You say that Donald Trump and his wealthy friends will intentionally crash the stock market to influence the election. This shows that the nation’s wealthiest have way too much wealth and power as a result of controlling way too much.
    Donald Trump is way too cozy with Vladimir Putin. He needs to ,look after America’s interests, not Russia’s. I find both Trump and Hillary to be unacceptable and I believe that both are fundamentally dishonest.

    1. The majority of other psychics also didn’t see Trump as the prospective GOP nominee either. I’ve had a bad feeling since June of last year that the devil was working to elevate Trump to a position of power. This blunts the powers that be who want Hillary to be their leader instead. He is a very evil man and you are absolutely right that it does show the overbearing influence of the 1%. Only a revolution will free the people. I’m of the hunch that it will come soon.

  2. You made a very wrong call on the GOP primary election in Wisconsin where the House Speaker won by a very wide margin against his primary challenger. Are you returning to the original idea that someone will try to assassinate him? I do not have the benefit of significant psychic powers.
    What I can see about Trump from a non-psychic viewpoint is unbridled greed and taking advantage of others to maintain his personal wealth. I see him using his personal wealth to bribe his way out of legal trouble when that proves necessary. His style of campaigning has drawn enormous criticism and makes no sense to me but Hillary has never been able to just put him away. Do you see Trump as being something close to Adolph Hitler?

    1. That’s basically what I was trying to imply, but I wanted to wait until I had time to write out in more detail what dangers Paul Ryan has already faced and why he probably will have preferred to lose his congressional seat tonight in hindsight. More on that will be posted at another time.

      I’ve posted about this in a previous blog months ago. Yet, Trump could become Hitler-esque and the elite could decided to elevate him on their own if Hillary implodes with some Satanic influence at work.


      There was also a recent article on Zerohedge you should see that makes the case for why the “Deep State” (aka the powers that be) would want Trump to be president.


      Very important to note because Trump is hurting now, but he’s survived previous attacks on him before and multiple assassination attempts; as did Hitler. That’s what makes him so scary. The second amendment comment he made doesn’t help matters either. I am very worried, but there’s really nothing I can do at this point. Just hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I am hoping, however, that with Trump’s calls for revolution that the right people spring into action in the near future. That could save us all, but they better get organized quick before they lose their opportunity to do so.

    2. Read my latest blog post. It’ll explain in more detail what I was trying to tell you earlier.

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