Psychic Prediction: Donald Trump Will Be the President


I’ve been dreading posting this prediction for a long time. I really did hope that Wikileaks would get their most damning material out in time to stop Hillary Clinton as the nominee for the Democratic party, but they missed their deadline and now she is officially confirmed to lead the ticket. I always sensed that the devil wanted Donald Trump to face off against Hillary Clinton as she was the weakest candidate against him heading into November. With her myriad of scandals and low approval ratings, Hillary is the only person who could be defeated at the hands of Trump. Since the Republican convention last week, Donald Trump has gone from being 5% behind Hillary in the national polls to leading her for the first time. With the chaos already seen at the DNC (though not as extreme as expected), those numbers will only increase. It’s sad that this had to happen, but the elite’s simply don’t care. A governmental overthrow is the only way to stop this future. Otherwise, you’ll all regret not taking action in time to stop what is coming down the pipeline in the near future.

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  1. i am very interested about this because i have a childhood friend..known her for 50 yrs..she is ceo of a bank and she knows trump personally..has been to his home worked with him etc.she told me his handshake is his word.that he was a very nice guy and always did what he said he would do..she never had issues with him and loved working with him..i want our country to be free again..and i want this best candidate..a hillary regime would be catastropic…trust me im no sheep but i just dont see the evil in trump..can u explain?thanks!

    1. I don’t want to reveal too much about who I am, but I’ll say this. Through family connections, I know both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton which is why I refuse to support either. They are both despicable and evil characters in their own right.

      Trump’s father was a KKK member and was arrested at a rally years ago. He also got his success from the mob. People in my community overlooked it because he created relatively affordable housing and helped immigrant communities move up in the world. Trump himself basically believed in the death penalty even in the face of overwhelming evidence, he financially screwed over many people I knew and the man is a total narcissist who only is interested in advancing his own agenda and making money. I also believe from my psychic intuition that in June of 2015, he sold his soul to the devil to become president and this is going to meddle in Hillary’s supposed coronation to the white house. Satan didn’t knock down 17 other Republican contenders only for him to lose to Hillary. The other shoe will drop in regards to her scandals and she will see a downfall by the fall.

      On the flip side, Hillary Clinton is someone who I know through mutual connections as well. She’s incredibly self serving, psychopathic with a disdain for the poor, a war criminal and someone who will say anything to get ahead while doing the bidding of the wealthy people she associates with. She’s also incredibly disingenuous for attacking Trump because they share the exact same social circle and they both share very similar policies. They aren’t really different at all and they are the two worst candidates that were chosen for this matchup. They thought Trump was going to make a coronation for Hillary that much easier. They’ll be in for a shock when they are proven wrong.

      So to answer your question, Trump is technically worse than Hillary in terms of moral values, but it’s basically minimal because the only concrete difference is Hillary responds to social pressure in terms of political policy whereas Trump will not. Other than that, they are both evil and will unleash horrors onto this world if they are elected. Key word is if because I’m still convinced a government overthrow is coming. Watch for street actions this fall. With a level of despair, there’s a real chance of a revolt. That would be the best option for our world and I hope it’s a successful one.

    2. I think you need to look more deeply at what Donald Trump has done. He maintains his wealth by cheating people. He has a history of not paying contractors. He has used scams like Trump University to rip people off. He has abused bankruptcy laws to weasel out of paying legitimate business debts. When he gets in serious trouble he bribes his way out which is what many billionaires do.
      Is Hillary any better? She is also very corrupt. She knowingly violated accepted protocol for safeguarding classified information. She destroyed a large number of emails to cover something up. And she has has accepted huge amounts of money from Big Pharma, Saudi billionaires, and Wall Street. She will be greatly corrupted by these influences if she reaches the White House. Neither of the major party candidates is ethically qualified to be president.

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