The Eve of the Convention


As the Democratic National Convention approaches, news of the beginnings of the Wikileaks email dumps began to circulate online. While none of the emails were of the salacious content needed to effectively end Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, they were enough to cause chaos in the DNC ranks and force changes heading into Philadelphia tomorrow. Julian Assange is beginning to come through as I’ve suspected he would, but if he really wants to change the election, he needs to release the biggest of these email dumps by tomorrow afternoon at the latest. Any delay into November and he is effectively handing the election to Trump. He also is going to have to scold sheepdog Bernie Sanders whose outright resistance to calling for a contested convention is sending a thorn right into his best made plans. As I’ve previously stressed, this election is still fluid. Since the riots the media anticipated in Cleveland never came to pass, the riots I have predicted for Philadelphia are far more likely. Even with the unrest that is coming, the formation of the two candidates will become solid if action isn’t taken in the here and now. If Assange wants to stop Hillary and prevent Trump’s rise to power, he better act fast. Time is running out in order to save humanity for its own self inflicted destruction.

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