SHTF for the Women

As a women, I always think about SHTf and certain female concerns.

My two major female yucky thoughts are my period and bathroom sanitation.

I solved these issues, and I hope you do too- just order reusable pads off of amazon and some washable baby cloth wipes.

Make sure you have a camping toilet as well and a plan to deal with all the gross sanitary issues when SHTF.  This is a serious issue and staying clean will mean the difference between disease and health.

I suggest a stockpile of bleach, Detol, vinegar, baking soda.

Females, also think about a stock pile of yeast creams and other female needs.  I know this isn’t something you want to think about or stock pile.

Even think about lice medicines and bug sprays.



6 thoughts on “SHTF for the Women

  1. Sweets I’ve already covered that basis. The Diva Cup!! And I always keep stock of basic creams. Only issue is I’ve got a teen learning all this period stuff….so I’m working on a plan for her. And water….lots of water. A tac tickle shop just opened in town….and food is reasonably priced for stocking up.

      1. It’s surgical silicone. I boil them. And have a few to rotate. All my issues with constant imbalances stopped since I switched 2 years ago. Now tampons scare me….and pads….my concern is worry about what is actually in them….oddly since switch periods went from 7 days down to 72 hours from beginning to end. So I do believe the chemicals in commercial stuff is an issue. I did see recently washable underwear for periods everything needed is within it….considering it for my teen. She’s not ready or comfortable with tampon use yet.

    1. I’m afraid of this diva cup thing and just like the rewashable pads. Not sure, but maybe the southern climates where yeast is more of an issue might require extra precautions.

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