The Postponed Revolution is Back on Track

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Two years ago, I wrote about how 2015 would be the year in which the US government would be overthrown. While the prediction began to be fulfilled earlier in the year, the rest of the prediction was delayed around July or August of that year. Since then, underlying tensions have arisen and they are spilling over into public view yet again. Bernie Sanders’ candidacy was the only thing that give people a false sense of hope that change could happen in our society. Since his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, a woman whose values he spoke vocally against during his run, disillusionment has set in and the tensions have exploded into view and have produced the two least liked candidates for president that our country has ever seen. While the elite might try one more last ditch attempt to install Sanders to appease growing public resentment, the truth is that this serves as a can kicking that delays future inevitability. The violence we see in the streets is the beginnings of the military conflict that I forewarned at the time that would spill into an overthrow of the US government. As all hope seems to be lost through non violence, violent conflict has begun and will only get worse before it gets better.

The recent unsuccessful attempt of a military coup in Turkey against embattled leader Recep Erdogan’s government is a showing a preview of what a US coup will look like when it occurs. While similar actions will take place at home, different players will be leading the charge. Notice most of the recent police shootings are being committed by former veterans and militia members. These, plus militia members of a lighter complexion who have reached a breaking point in government oppression, will be the ones to storm the gates of the White House and the Capitol in the fall and order citizen’s arrest of their governmental officials. The battle is one I saw in a dream two years ago and the vision lingers. Despite what corrupt President Obama says, the violent actors are speaking for the nation; at least, for those not in positions of power and those who are unheard by the system. I’m positive there may be success after all as the government overreacts to mass uprising and sees its legitimacy questioned in the international arena. By December, the US as we know it will no longer exist. In its place, a better future may come about for us all.