Francois Hollande’s Marie Antoinette Moment

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 9.38.10 PM

I’ve been paying attention to recent developments in France over the last several months. In two prior predictions, I’ve warned that France was on the verge of the first of three revolutions in a century and that more war escalation would increase tensions domestically. Both of these things have been true. Labor unrest is at an all time high as martial law (known as a “state of emergency”) has reigned supreme in France for over 200 days and may last indefinitely if a course correction isn’t made (and not a Marie Le Pen one). Terrorism is also on the rise, from the Paris bombings to the Nice attack just this week; possibly with the warnings that they will culminate to the ultimate attack on the Eiffel Tower that I have forewarned since 2012. This image in the midst of the Nice attacks disturbed me for its validation of my previous visions.

Of course, the main person who has the most to worry about amongst all of this unrest and terrorism is their president, the embattled Francois Hollande. Already facing electoral trouble heading into re-election, the man has made many enemies over various policy positions from the left and the right. The recent article about his $10,000 haircut gave me the vision of Marie Antionette. That’s not a good visual comparison in the slightest. Trouble is brewing amongst his inner circle and an attempted coup organized by the left is soon upon us. If they fail, this gives Marie Le Pen a mandate heading into elections. If she succeeds, the nation is doomed for a century or more; forcing the evacuation of millions of French refugees. If the left succeeds, there’s still a chance for France’s survival, but it won’t be an easy fight and I’m not optimistic in their prospects. Give prayer and strength to those fighting against the crackdown on their collective right to protest. They are the saviors to their nation to which its leading man is about to become a guillotine candidate in the near future.