Pride Comes Before the Fall


In more ways than one, this title rings true. Bernie Sanders has decided to avoid a contested convention by endorsing Hillary Clinton today. He does so to inoculate himself against charges of party disloyalty and disunity for when she inevitably loses in the fall. I know this now because Hillary’s team has become increasingly arrogant and overly confident of her chances. This comes in spite of the fact that Hillary’s lead over Donald Trump nationally is only 5%. A lot can happen between now and November and, knowing what forces the powers that be are working with, the worst of our country’s problems is yet to come. Hillary will not be president. If the Wikileaks leaders don’t take her down, then she is giving Trump the throne that the devil has always wanted for him. This is a sad future for our country and it’s a shame that you all didn’t stand up in time to stop it.

5 thoughts on “Pride Comes Before the Fall

  1. I’m not psychic but clearly Hillary hasn’t put it away and she has plenty of negatives to overcome. I find serious problems with both Hillary and the Donald. I believe that Trump is a greedy unethical bastard who cheats people to enrich himself and he uses abusive tax shelters to further enrich himself. Hillary ignored the accepted procedures for safeguarding classified information. I believe that she also destroyed large numbers of emails to cover something up. She is bought and paid for by pharmaceutical giants, Saudi billionaires, and Wall Street. I am considering 3rd party this year.

    1. Thank you for your comments and sorry they took so long to post. All of what you’ve said about her is true and there’s also the fact that, if elected, Hillary would start World War 3 against China and Russia leading the world to nuclear holocaust. Not that Trump wouldn’t do this either, but the fact that both parties want the same things should trouble the public in a way that it hasn’t just yet. My only sense of optimism is from a blog I’ll be posting in the near future about how Turkey’s attempted coup yesterday will signal coup attempts in the US as well. Look out for that in the near future.

  2. I have strong misgivings about both Hillary and the Donald. I see Trump as a greedy unethical bastard who cheats people to enrich himself. He is withholding his tax returns to cover something up. He won’t be able to make good on some of his campaign proposals because they are totally unrealistic to begin with.
    Hillary is corrupted by big money from several sources and I would not count on her to do what she says on the campaign stump. She destroyed large numbers of emails to cover something up. However some of this could be to protect Obama rather than something she personally did.
    You are the only psychic to predict an assassination for Hillary Clinton. Anger that she is getting off too easy for the email scandal might be the motivation if it really happens.

  3. I really liked how Ted Cruz stood up to the “elite” if you will and held his ground. I have to have a lot of respect for someone who refuses to drink the kool-aid. I thought Trump’s comments about his wife were out of bounds and shows Donny’s misogynistic side a little more clearly. (insert deity) help us all!

    1. Cruz himself isn’t any idol as he is the reincarnation of the infamous senator Joseph McCarthy. This is merely a spat between two despicable people. Notice Cruz never made him recant the comments about other people, only about his family. Take it with a grain of salt. It’s a disaster all around.

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