Alert from Fefelove

I’ve been unable to post for awhile because I’ve been feeling a horrible psychic attack on the messages of this site.

I could explain how all of my predictions are coming true but right now I want to issue an alert from now until the end of the year.

I feel the civil war I’ve warned about is pending.

The NWO is very unhappy about recent events like the Brexit and they are pushing, funding and creating this divide and conquer program to bring America down.

They will keep inflaming race wars.  Its all a lie- they want to pit black lives against police and bring down America.

As I warned, they really want to plug Hillary into the presidency to create a tyrant state that I’ve discussed forever.

Obama hopes to declare martial law ahead of Hillary and stay in office forever.

I fear we should all be watching Russia right now.  If we break into a horrible civil war it won’t be long before Russia bombs our government to take our our horrible corrupt leaders.

The government is planning a horrible chemical biological attack on the America people.  They shut down every single youtube that warns of this- including my reviews of government pamphlets issued to Texas schools about potential biological and chemical attacks.  If they succeed in their horrible plans we will have a huge problem in America.

We already have a huge set of problems.

Please prepare.  I’ve been warning to people for so long.  Let me recall my first dreams back in 2011 and 2112—- I warned about dreams where I saw horrible thirst, horrible hunger and fire all around.  Please, prepare for horrible civil war, world war and an economic collapse that takes down the grid.


I don’t want to post because my dreams are highly targeted by our many trolls.  I feel a fire of hatred when I warn people and observe a backlash—

Obama and his brother caused race wars in Kenya and took down the government there- and I warned it will happen here— it didn’t take very long.

The government and NWO have a timeframe between now and the ‘singularity’ and are going to pull out all the creepy stops now.


My warning is please prepare your families.  Store water, get water filters and don’t be one of the many who will run out of food after three days— we are looking at something very ugly.


Do not go to areas of these protests or wherever you might be targeted.  They will continue to target whites, copes, LGBT and anyone whom they can render a HUGE reaction from large groups of people. Oathkeepers are needed now, true Americans.


They are going to make a move to take guns- it will become ugly.  They want to create a slave race, according to NWO publications.  More leaders will be taken out now.


They will create a huge, funded blacklivesmatter nightmare surrounding the DNC RNC and attempt to declare martial law.


I’ve been warning this for song long….I felt it was immediate and believe it has been postponed on our timeline for some reason.


Satan is making a huge move—- while we are not looking Russia is coming with nukes, and Cern is opening portals.


The AI is actually about demons becoming incarnated as humans.  The AI and ‘posession’ news is gaining ground.


The time is coming to choose between if you believe in human rights or if you want to become a slave.  All colors, religions and groups will need to unite right now to defeat these horrific globalists.  They are working their best magic to destroy any unity.


If they kill some major leader like Trump or Obama even more social decline will work according to NWO advantage unless true Patriots stand up and assert their human rights.


Hillary is a cold hard satanist and will be known as the worst sort of hitler if she gains any more power.


I really think things are going to get crazy, I pray for peace and unity.  Unfortunately the brain washing media and poison in our foods/air/medicine have really created a mind control of the government.

Love, justice, right action and unity are what we must demand.  Human rights and true equality and do not get sucked into the NWO controlled divisions which only want to disarm people.


I don’t understand how anyone could sit there and read about disarming Americans and think, yeah, they care about humans.  NO, if they cared about kids they would demand  clean food, medicines and air and water—–for our kids.


As yourself, while you are distracted by the latest NWO funded crap what are you actually missing?


For one, you are missing the fact that Hillary is a total criminal and her ties are all around our criminal government.  Obama isn’t on her side really, but he is likewise, a huge criminal.  Criminals are in control and they are behind puppet criminals wagging everything.  The endgame is WAR, economic collapse and divide and conquer.  Research John Titor time traveller and you might get creeped out when you consider the events right now that are developing.  I recently read his writings and am deeply disturbed by his confirmation of my dreams and warnings.



Our time line is off from others- and on this website I think some of the authors have tapped into other timelines because consciousness somehow communicates between the timelines— ie if you are on this line and other you communicate with yourself.  That might sound crazy— but Physics has affirmed it.



Further, as a side note there are a variety of nutters- nutterbags out there that act like they are Jesus and the second coming and they are trying to cash in on the chaos for personal gain- to not be fooled by fake Jesus types or some alien illusion.


+++And, a note to my personal stalkers— you creepy Jesus psychopath—and aussie creep— don’t create some disturbing blog or yucky poem or message my friends or try to communicate with me.  You are a disturbing government troll bots designed to destroy the credibility of reliable anti-NWO psychics.  I disown you and your creepy kind.  Maybe you, through no doing of my own, will fall into some sort of hole….if God is willing.  I certainly wouldn’t do anything to harm you but seriously won’t miss you when you finally get over your obsessions with our site.  Your obsession validates our credibility so thanks for that.   It is totally creepy that we offer a message of warning, preparedness and love and are attacked by government troll creeps who obviously want people to be so concerned with global warning farces that they don’t prepare for what is coming.





6 thoughts on “Alert from Fefelove

  1. Thank you for all that you do. I visit your site daily and it provides inspiration to changing our timelines. Those on the lower vibrations attacking you do so out of desperation to keep you miserable with them. Ascend as you have been and keep your autonomy and exterminate them by effacing their existence and capacity to disturb you.

    Thank you again and rise above it as you have been. Let them live out their doom and gloom as the suffering is theirs to have. Laugh in their faces with defiance. Misery loves company. Let them rot in it. Your persistent and constant happiness shall perpetually be their kryptonite.

    Your Free Will is paramount to their inciting of anger and hate. They’re the weakest and they’re being delinked. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO.

  2. So frightening. I want to leave the US but my daughter (who has two kids) won’t leave with me. I can’t go without her. I don’t care about our stuff. I just want them as safe as they can be. I pray for us all. If these demons come, they are giants and the terror will be magnified. Repent all and pray. Humans are free. All humans, regardless of what any globalist says.

  3. Dear I thank God you’re here to warn the public. I’ve been reading your post since last summer and everything you’ve been saying is accurate and I’ve been warning my family. I have a 2 year old son and worry about martial law being here everyday. I believe all of us Americans should really come together and be in togetherness and stand up together. I believe in human rights.

    • Sorry it took so long to post. They were placed in the spam folder and I fetched them out.

      • likewise, I am sorry I don’t check the comments or respond directly that much. I’m very busy with so much at work these days. I love our comments and value the feedback.

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