Dreams and Predictions for July 2016

I only have one dream prediction so far, but more will be shared in future updates.

1) I had a vivid dream of an assassination of Hillary Clinton at the convention in Philadelphia and an attempted assassination on Bernie Sanders which he narrowly survives. In the aftermath of the chaos and an evacuation from the premises, a new challenger emerges, but Bernie manages to fend this man off as he becomes the unifying figure for the party and wins in November. My new prediction may be wrong, but perhaps Bernie could be president after all. The reason I’ve seen this prediction, one of Donald Trump and one of Jill Stein is because our future hasn’t quite been decided yet. The course of history is still fluid and anything can happen between now and the end of the month. My instinct at this time is still on Hillary or Donald emerging victorious, but Bernie might surprise us at the last second if this Loretta Lynch scandal has anything to say for itself. Remains to be seen after all.

7/5 ETA: Second dream based prediction.

2) I had a dream of a police chase of an unarmed African American man where the cops tase him in the middle of a street and he’s run over by a car in the aftermath. This results in his death and a mass uprising comes as a result. This might mean we will see the reenergizing of the Black Lives Matter movement after an unarmed man dies in this manner. We haven’t seen a lot of activity from this front. We might again in the very near future. (7/6 Update: The murder of Alton Sterling by Baton Rouge police has once again spurred the Black Lives Matter movement into action. This seems like a prediction fulfilled already.)

7/9 ETA: Third dream based prediction and another one from intuition.

3) I had a dream where I visited Greece twice in the same dream. Each time, the country became less authentic and far more commercial. The second time I went, I almost didn’t even recognize it. In my head, I thought that I was actually in Canada. From my observations afterwards, I have determined that the hostile takeover of Greece by corporations and the EU is immediately forthcoming. Unless the Greeks fight back now, their culture and country will no longer exist as it once was. It will be a fake facade that hides a very dark picture underneath its walls.

4) I had a thought about the 21st anniversary assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. It then dawned on me who fanned the flames that led to his murder and then realizing who is the currently prime minister. Netanyahu was supposed to leave office last year and yet he still remains. Since he won’t be leaving electorally, there’s a very high chance that he will be assassinated around the exact date of Rabin’s assassination in 1996 on November 4th; just days before the US election (if one is to occur). If he doesn’t leave office soon, he’ll likely be taken out of it by force.

7/21 ETA: This next prediction is related to prediction #5 in my June 2016 predictions list. That should give you a clue for who I was referring to at that time.

5) Writer Dan Savage has always managed to ruffle a lot of feathers and has said some things in the past that have gone way over the line. Cutesy apologies always follow, never showing sufficient remorse in the statements. However, the days of fake remorse and continuing to prosper are coming to an end. By managing to infuriate both the left and the right, Dan is inviting a real professional and personal downfall in his life. When he is taken off of his perch by force and everything around him crumbles, he’ll have a moment of true reckoning and perhaps the first legitimate sign of remorse in his entire career. Considering how many he’s hurt along the way, the time has finally come.

7/24 ETA: Another dream based prediction.

6) I had a dream (with some of the personal details redacted) that I was living in a time where black people were still slaves in the modern area. There were cries of pain from those wanting to be free and trapped in closets that they couldn’t break out of. The owners of these slaves kept trying to ignore the problem, even as I kept bringing it up. I knew that the closets were going to bust open soon and there were reports that rebellions had already begun. The banging on the doors kept getting louder and the slaves were about to bust their way out into the open. This means that black liberation is about to burst out at the seams. If you thought what happened in Baton Rouge and Dallas was bad, just wait until you see what’s coming in the near future. It will make the raid on Harper’s Ferry look like a cake walk in comparison. It will also signal that the revolution I have long predicted is upon us, hopefully with a successful victory that comes after a long era of struggle against the status quo.

10 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for July 2016

  1. Sorry but your predictions are a little off base, Hillary will get a free pass on any scandals and will go on to be president, there will be many changes in this country and the world and unfortunately some of them will prove disastrous. Economic conditions will degrade further, China will become the number one economic power and terrorism will become more highly evolved among other things.This is what I see. Hopefully I am wrong but I don’t think so.

    1. I did say that this was a dream I had (a very vivid one at that) and that the situation today is fluid. It’s not written in stone, which was the point of the dream in general. The future can change, but the time to push certain opportunities is now. Hillary can be stopped, but action has to be taken in the here and now. That was the point. For all we know, you are correct, but this is the message that I’ve gathered from the dream I had. Hope this clarification helps.

      1. What I have been shown and most have seen is the Political assassination of Hillary Clinton in the media. She will go far and the FBI will find not to go any further with the email scandal. And Trump needs to quit kissing the Public Opinion. He is committing Political Suicide. Sometimes talking is not the best way to win people over. But November will show that A woman can run the nation.

  2. How does the latest play out, with the FBI not recommending charges for Hillary? Is this pressure on the FBI or did the statement of “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” reference the comments from the AG that she would use carrier prosecutes to review the case and the FBI just told the public that he felt none would take it because of direction of the AG and Bill made that demand on the air plain a few weeks ago?
    Question: do Bill & Hillary ever get punished for their wrong doing?

    1. Good question. I’ve said for months that Hillary wouldn’t be indicted and that the fix would be in. This result was of no surprise at all whatsoever. What may take Hillary down is if the emails that were stolen from her server leak and that there is proof of a coordination between Obama and the Department of Justice to shield Hillary from criminal prosecution. That, I believe, will come out within the next two weeks. The question at that rate is whether it’s enough to spur super delegates away from her at the convention which sabotages her candidacy. I keep seeing images in visions of red, Devilish claws gripping her back and also of assassination. This makes me believe she will be thwarted from taking the crown. I don’t know if they will ever be punished, but not getting the nomination may be the only punishment she ever receives. Hope this helps.

  3. She is destined to be president, I have known this a long time, and because of this America will go down a very dark path. There will be an upheaval in this country as economic conditions worsen, terrorism will become much more complex, people will lose respect for law and order, anarchy might follow.This is what I feel will happen among other things and unfortunately I am usually pretty close to what I think will happen.

    1. Absolutely. Although neither death happened in the way I saw it in the dream, the idea that the movement came roaring back like this literally hours after I posted this dream showed the validity of its prophetic nature. I’ve had a number of other dreams and I’ll share them an update in the near future. However, I’m still convinced that a death similar to the one in the original dream is ultimately what causes the masses to uprise and toppled the US government. I believe that is coming soon. Stay safe.

      1. What is put in place of the current government? Is it better or worse? And who is it better for?
        Also, what happens to the crooks in Washington?

      2. The visions I’ve seen are people with guns taking to the capitol building and overthrowing it. Citizens arrests of some politicians, murders of others. Some manage to flee, but most get caught. If done correctly, the plan afterwards is to shirk powers to the states and allow each region to have more control over their own governance. Some areas benefit immensely, while others will suffer. The south struggles at first, but eventually pulls through. The north has a much easier go because they keep ties with the international community. The west gets eradicated through bad weather.

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