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I have some stuff to write about the Brexit referendum another time, but this came up into my head just now and it’s important to share this imminently. This would normally be featured under the Predictions for June post, but I feel this needs to be put in a separate blog.

After watching Green party candidate Jill Stein eloquently make her arguments on corporate CNN this week, I felt an odd feeling of positivity towards her. Then tonight, I had a horrible vision of Donald Trump having a crown taken off of his head and Jill Stein elevated to the electoral victor instead. While the Green party candidate has very strong policies, her lack of experience would make her a horrible commander in chief. Unfortunately, that may be what the devil feels will bring about the most death, destruction and ruin to the United States as he sees fit.

A plot is being worked into the underworld to salvage the Whore of Bablyon persona without having to have Hillary Clinton as the contender. If Jill Stein makes it into the polls (as Trump might insist to counter the rise of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson), then she could do impressively enough in the presidential debate to win in November. An assassination follows and the whole country goes up into flames as a result. This would produce mass horrors unlike any we’ve ever seen before, but makes the US an independent nation once more.

I could be wrong on this latest assessment, but I was drawn to say it. Regardless of what happens, watch for her rise in the near future. She’ll have more of an impact on this election as “The Other Woman” than anyone will ever suspect.

3 thoughts on “Jill Stein

  1. maybe it is me but feels a dangerous tension building here in the uk. cameron resigns but the UK is almost in a sense of limbo now. The EU want us out asap because contagion js starting to spread to other countries. I feel uk is in for pain

    1. That’s just initial post Brexit jitters, but the real worry you should be on the look out for is Scotland and their threat to veto the decision of the people. That would create unrest not seen in your country in many years. Remember what I’ve said before. I’ve been right up until this point. I’ll likely be right again when push comes to shove.

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