Julian Assange May Take Down Hillary Clinton


As I have previously forewarned, while Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee, the scandal over her emails threatens to derail her before she gets to the nominating committee in July. With this recent news of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange threatening to release evidence that would lead to her indictment in normal circumstances, the attempts by the White House and the Department of Justice to shield her from accountability will fail on account of the bravery of whistleblowers. I hope Assange does this in the next month and not after that. Waiting too long will blunt its effectiveness and make derailing her this way nearly impossible. If, however, the evidence hits the press in time, then her candidacy would be doomed and the revolution against imperialism and the corporate elite would begin at that time. Pray for his success. The moment of freedom for all Americans may finally be here.

12 thoughts on “Julian Assange May Take Down Hillary Clinton

  1. in regards to brexit today murdoch has declared he is backing leave, the sun newspaper front page today urging people to leave. I am confused by this as murdoch is pro establishment.

    1. He wants out for different reasons. It’s about taking more control over the government and more power for himself. Watch cautiously for him. He does not have the best intentions for the country, even if brexit is a good idea.

      1. Even after the murder of Jo Cox, the polls are either in a dead heat or within the margin of error. I do think the public will vote to leave the EU, but as I’ve said from the beginning, whether the government actually go along with it or not is the determinative question. When they refuse to follow through, that’s when you should start to prepare for the worst.

      2. last minute polls are out before voting n remain has took bigger lead again. I feel despair becomes come friday UK will be no more.

      3. Within the margin of error. Let’s see what happens. I still feel remain is going to happen even if it isn’t the popular vote. That’s why I’m concerned for your country. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

      4. Looks like it’s a win for remain. You know what who cares, because that is when the fun starts and it will be on the remain voters shoulders not mine.
        They have no idea what EU has in store for them lol

        O yes i will be shouting a big i told you so

      5. Yes it appeared that way at first. However, England’s leave vote was a wider margin than many expected. It may be that the vote is for a remain (even if it’s a rigged vote), but the leave could still have it if those numbers hold up. Regardless, the real trouble starts if Cameron refuses to honor a leave vote. As I’ve repeatedly stressed, that’s the real danger here more than anything else.

      6. Ahem.


        Good for you and the people of your country. Now comes the second part of my prediction. Will Cameron allow this result to go through or will he ignore this vote and keep the UK in the EU anyway. How he campaigns after this will determine how much internal trouble your country is about to be in. If he does what I believe he’s going to do, then you may need to brace for riots and unrest in the near future. Knowing how the Euro leaders feel about democracy, I’m not very confident that this result will be accepted by the powers that be.


        Hold on for the ride. It’s about to get nasty, but may very well be your country’s true independence movement.

  2. To the greatest extent ever in history, we lose no matters who becomes president. Donald Trump has highly suspect financial dealings that make him look like a greedy unethical bastard. I believe that he will try to silence the press when they expose something very embarrassing. He already is doing this.
    Hillary Clinton erased a large number of emails to cover something up and she violated procedures to protect vital national security information. She is badly corrupted by the huge amounts of cash she accepted from Middle East billionaires and Wall Street. Bernie Sanders is out of touch with reality concerning the grave threat we face from Islamic terrorists.
    The weather we are seeing now is downright frightening. Unusually hot summers have happened before but what we’re seeing now in much of the West is record-breaking.

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