Selena Gomez May Have Been Spared (With Updates)

6/12 Note: Several updates are below in regards to the Orlando shooting last night. Please read them.

For over a year, I have warned of the danger that Selena Gomez faces in the form of an untimely murder. Stemming from the base 7 timeline and name similarity to the late singer Selena, her age and birth place also pointed to an alarming likelihood of being murdered by the powers that be. Selena may have avoided this danger, however, as a singer from “The Voice,” Christina Grimmie, was shot and killed outside of a concert venue in Orlando, Florida last night. This might be who ended up succumbing to the Selena curse as double murders are highly unlikely with regards to base 7 theory. However, it may still serve as a warning for Selena Gomez to watch for her safety this month if she doesn’t want to succumb to the same fate. Hope that I’m right.

6/11 Update: After doing some research, I have learned that Selena Gomez and Christina Grimmie were friends before her death, Grimmie was managed by Selena Gomez’s step-father, Brian Teefey¬†and Selena was performing at a concert less than 3 miles away from where the murder took place. All of this is a validation of the warnings I have made for Selena for over a year. Likely this means that Selena is safe for this year as the curse was passed on to an associate and friend of hers instead. However, just to be on the safe side, she should watch out for her safety for the remainder of the year and remember that this vector will repeat itself again for her in 2023. RIP Christina.

6/12 Update: Not even a day after the murder of Christina Grimmie, a man potentially affiliated with ISIS shot and killed fifty gay men in what is being described as the worst mass shooting in US history. The shooting took place mere minutes from where the murder of Grimmie occurred and only two hours away from where Selena Gomez was performing last night in a teary performance in dedication to her late friend. Many base 7 updates are flaring up at this time; exacerbated by what I believe is an Illuminati death curse that was unleashed whose target was intended to be Selena Gomez. The severity of the shooting at the Pulse night club raises the alarms that Selena Gomez may not be in the clearing after all.

Selena Gomez will be performing in Texas from Wednesday to Friday of this week; stopping in Houston, Austin and Dallas along the way. Selena is in big trouble unless she cancels these tour dates immediately. The late singer Selena, the one whose namesake is the same as Gomez’s, was murdered in Corpus Christie, Texas 21 years ago in a similar manner to Christina Grimmie’s. Gomez’s death may yet occur this month unless a change of action is taken within the course of the next 48 hours. I’m hoping these blogs will get to her people in time before the Illuminati’s ultimate target is taken out in the process.

In addition, I had written in my private 2015 blog that there would be danger for the gay community after the marriage equality ruling that year. Less than a year after that landmark Supreme Court decision, not only does this tragedy happen, but one was thwarted for the LA gay pride today just hours ago. More danger will be in store for the remainder of the month, so all gay men and women should be on alert as the month progresses. This may also be the time period to which the fulfillment of the controversial Youtube’s star death takes place during a Prince tribute costume party (a bad omen that this person is playing into). There’s also the real chance of a murder for drag queen RuPaul and the assassination attempt mentioned for Hillary Clinton (with RFK similarities). I hope that more death can be prevented and pray for peace.

6/16 Update: Two more stories in the news should raise some major alarm bells that Selena Gomez is not out of the woods for her safety yet. The first was another mass shooting in Armarillo, Texas northwest of Dallas. The second was the boy dragged into the water by the alligator at Disney World. While I will write about the latest attempts at gun confiscation another time, these two incidents show that Selena Gomez is in real danger of being murdered sometime between Friday and Saturday night during her trip from Austin to Dallas and then leaving the state to her performance in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The singer Selena died on March 31st, 1995 which fell on a Friday night. That’s when Selena Gomez will be in the most danger and why she should have cancelled these concerts before it was too late to do so. Pray for her safety. The next 72 hours will be crucial for potentially her whole entire life.