Our Two Year Anniversary and A Message from FefeLove

Hi everyone,

Today is our second anniversary. We really appreciate your continued readership and the comments you have provided. I’m happy that I have been able to continue blogging here and hope to do so for as long as I can. Our writer Fefe is holding up. I have been in communication with her and she has been having a very difficult time writing in recent days. Bad spiritual energy has gotten to her (possibly emanating from our troll who attacks our website on an obsessive and frequent basis) and I hope you will all pray that she can find the strength to write again in the near future.

In our correspondence, she relayed that she wants you all to know the following thoughts she has had over the last several days.

“Overthrow, civil war starting, economic collapse.

I am fearing my original fear prediction that they will pompously install Hillary will come to pass. Then it’s revolt, secession n war.

I’m reading and listening to people who think the big economic collapse started n will be apparent end of year.
Then, also food shortages, soaring food prices.
I’m afraid Russia will hit the US.

Plus, US false flag terror, more false flags leading up to all our war.

Interestingly I recently learned this is how Titor described it.

I have some bumper stickers on my car. One says “Texas Secession” and one has the Texas come n take it flag n ones says in Texas we don’t call 911 n has guns. I’ve had these over a year. Now, everyday some stranger comes up to me n says “I love your number stickers, mam, I totally agree.” Something has changed here. It’s weird.

It’s all accelerating, don’t u think?

We can’t be too sure on a time frame but October is known for surprises. Oil is known to drop in August

People r saying the real estate market is going belly up by the end of the year.

Even Obama recently (so weird) told the American people to get prepared.

Natural disasters increasing: something weird going on with fault lines n volcanos/earth quakes. FEMA prepping for the big one just this week!

I am going next week to get “hurricane supplies.”

I saw the Ammeeigeddon movie.
I’d totally not be surprised in the least if there’s an EMP or power outage between now and Jan that lasts anywhere from two weeks to months or years.

Titor said that the olympics get cancelled just before the war gets bad. An indicator? Zika ?

I think Trump will win the popular vote but they will install Hillary n hell will break loose. Well, if they do this as s last ditch effort for the NWO it will be the end of them just as Titor said. He said, the last president before the war (he or she) is just trying to maintain their power and America falls into a tyranny.

He says the Russians send nukes, three at a time, to take out the NWO. He says they strike military bases n major cities in their capital buildings.

I just wonder when they will lose it n bomb us.

I fear Texas is under weather weapons. This so called 100 year flood has parts of the city n nearby being evacuated daily, until now. They keep saying some damns might break n create a worse than Katrina event.
I’m in one of the few high grounds in Houston. You r not seeing the insanity here regarding weather n flooding. If a hurricane strikes this year it’s going to be a huge disaster. You’ll see photos worse than Katrina. Just know if u see these I’m without power but ok. I’m not in some rescue boat lol.

I see little predictions coming out too. Weird sex clubs in Europe, more body changing images, tech predictions, more devil possessions n so called exorcisms. There will b more dead bankers too before it’s over. Today I read another star’s interview about “having sex with ghosts.” Hummm

I’m still convinced now that the transhumanism movement is inspired by demons so they can move one step further than possession n into actual biological android bodies n become god like in the flesh in this dimension. Not that the technology is “bad” just that certain entities have implications n uses in mind humans have not considered. They want Hillary, the satanist queen to lead them to the green pastures. Trump might be a poop but he’s not a full blown satanist creeper like Hillary. He won’t help the demons cause like Hillary will. I think the deal here is she helps them transdemon and they give her a certain power, she thinks forever, but it is just for a time being because they r liars.

They want to kill all the humans except slaves because the “separate species” so called transhumanism is actually pure transdemon. The consciousness to be mapped is demon. The bodies r part human, part other animals and part bionic/computer. They will upload their demon consciousness n live forever in these created bodies. They think they d like God because they will become like god n have God like abilities plus they created this technology n plan.

I’m thinking that weird transhumanism stuff I wrote was kinda channeled without me knowing. I’m thinking this entity who visits my dreams n altered states was all along showing me this odd offer or temptation like we can be together due to this technology. Maybe it’s like in the Bible when the fallen angels have sex with the daughters of man n have Giants. Maybe the Giants bloodline remains…. O-neg? That bloodline the NWO likes…..”

I felt it was important for you all to see this. Hopefully she will find the strength to post again soon and share further updates. May we fight for a better future. Best wishes to you all as always.

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