Dreams and Predictions for June 2016

So far I only have one prediction from a dream, but others will come in the near future.

1) I had a dream with a Behind the Music documentary of Mariah Carey and an accompanying obituary. I have long warned of a premature death for Mariah Carey and it could be coming very soon. Pray I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that I’m not.

6/7 ETA: One more dream and a note to share about a previous blog.

2) I’ve blogged about this already, but I had another dream about the riots that will take place in Philadelphia. I see a shooting occurring during the convention inside the arena, burned buildings in many parts of the world and deaths outside the streets of the venue. 900 people may die on that night, along with 11,000 reported injuries. Clashes with police will follow as well. It will likely be the catalyst that sends Donald Trump to the White House if Bernie Sanders can’t stop her in time. I really hoped this wouldn’t happen, but it’s becoming an inevitability everyday.

3) This isn’t really a prediction as more of a confirmation for when I said we weren’t done with the big deaths this year. We saw the death of Muhammed Ali just last week. I may have sensed his death with this dream I had many months ago, but I was convinced for a while that it was a warning to boxer Ronda Rousey who was on suicide watch at the time. There was also the death of another boxer recently, but all of these events could pertain to those visions or could be the warning for another athlete to heed. In addition, on the same day that there was another shooter at the White House (something I have foreseen before), there was an arrest for an intruder at the Queen’s property in Buckingham House. Both the President and the Queen were at risk of death and still are this year. Either death would have sparked worldwide shock, but both on the same day would have been unprecedented in modern times. Both of these people could still see the graveyard, along with Rupert Murdoch and others I have mentioned previously. That will be the ultimate fulfillment of my prediction.

6/12 ETA: One more dream prediction to share.

4) I had a dream that Leonardo Dicaprio won his second Oscar in a row in a close call race with Matt Damon. There was also an African American actor in the Best Actor lineup and this will appease much of the community after being snubbed two years in a row. While this will temporarily cool tensions, the demise of the Academy Awards overall is still imminent.

6/16 ETA: One more prediction.

5) A lot of bad press has been following ABC/Disney recently (you can read up on those yourselves). I have a very bed feeling that there’s going to be a major scandal ripped out about their organization that will be released by a disgruntled actor who they cut unceremoniously. The damage will cost this man his career, but he will have made a major difference in destroying evil within their ranks and setting a course collision between the Hollywood closet system and the gay community to whom they falsely support.

6/28 ETA: A few more predictions to close out the month of June.

6) I had a dream that actor Paul Rudd would become involved in politics, perhaps running for public office in the near future. I was a campaign event of his in a dream. He was very successful, which should spell well for the people of his district.

7) I had a dream of a sea turtle occupying someone’s pool. I believe this will be a news event later this summer.

8) Finally, there’s going to be a significant amount of social unrest in San Francisco in the near future. I believe this has to do with housing or policing. It will be very violent and could spill over to other parts of the country as well.

4 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for June 2016

  1. It is interesting that just recently a story came out that her ex Nick Cannon won’t sign the divorce papers. Perhaps he knows something.

    1. I hadn’t heard about that until you posted this. Definitely alarming. Her new reality show also gives me bad vibes ala Whitney Houston. I hope I’m wrong and if she can make it past this year, she’ll be fine. Hope she’s careful this year and watches who she’s associating herself with or she will hit the graveyard in the near future.

  2. i have been told many times im empathic…i feel the convention in phiedelphia will be a blood bath..o much so i can just see obamas martial law taking hold…i think someone will try to kill trump but will only injure him…i pray this doesnt happen..hillary makes my skin crawl..evil permeates her to me..just my thoughts and feelings..thanks i read your site every day!!:)))

    1. Your insights correlate with mine. I’ve said numerous things and the fact that it matches up with your dreams indicates there’s validity to the visions. Thanks for your readership.

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