Adele Avoided the 27 Club….But Not Premature Death All Together


Adele, one of the best selling singers of all time, should consider herself very lucky. She avoided the dreaded 27 club this year, even though her 19, 21 and 25 albums put her in subsequent danger of succumbing to an early end. While she may have avoided a fatal 27 year old death for now, she didn’t avoid a young death all together. There is much danger left in her future and she will have to be careful until at least the age of 32 years old, but possibly as old as 36.

Adele’s safety mainly comes from the fact that she put out a new record last year during the critical age of 27 years old. For four years prior, Adele was in severe fights with her record company, Sony Music, over the new album and an ultimatum was issued to her. She chose to perform her duty and was spared from death as a result. While a new album came and saw massive success, much of the bitterness from this fight lives on and will continue to haunt her for the foreseeable future.

When I heard the news of her $100 million deal with Sony, it troubled me immensely as it has been the kiss of death for many previous artists of her fame and stature. Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson both signed big contracts with Sony like this before their tragic deaths. Mariah Carey (who I will be mentioning in the predictions for this month blog) signed a similar one with Virgin after leaving Sony and she could be on the way out by years end. This raises the prospects of a premature death for Adele from an age slightly older than she is now.

Mama Cass Elliott, a singer of similar size and stature, died at the age of 32 in London from a heart attack in her sleep. She died in 1974, which on the base 7 timeline would mean Adele could still be at risk for this year. However, I think Adele avoided death for now, but should be watchful for death at the age of 32 in 2020 and then again in the year 2023 at 35 years old. If she isn’t careful, her golden voice will be snuffed out by factors beyond her control. Luck can only carry you for so long.