I Was Away


In case our readers were curious, I was away for a number of days at sea scouting a potential new location to evacuate to in the near future. One area is promising, but I’ll have to meditate on this further. In the meantime, I wanted to let you all know that I will have a number of blogs and posts to share in the near future. Our writer Fefe is also well, but she’s been busy with personal matters that she’s been attending to. Hopefully she will be back soon to blog as well. Best wishes to you all. Look out for new information in the near future. I have a lot of things to share that are of massive importance.

2 thoughts on “I Was Away

  1. good to hear from you, was wondering how do you see brexit going I have voted to leave postal vote. am nervous hope we leave eu

    1. Hi Simon, thanks for checking up. This is a very tricky one because there are two different answers to two entirely different questions. How will the vote go and how will the government proceed. The vote for a Brexit is entirely certain. The question is whether or not the government is going to honor that result or do what they did in Greece and ignore the will of the people. I don’t think they will allow a Brexit to proceed without a vicious and bloody fight, even if the vote in favor of it was over 90%. That’s why I have forewarned for a while of violence in your country. This election result and the refusal to honor it by the Cameron government may very well be the catalyst that fulfills a number of my previous predictions for your country. Hope this helps.

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