A Preview of What is to Come

Just this past weekend, violence erupted at the Nevada Democratic Delegation committee, sparking fear amongst the powers that be. Prediction #5 from my May Predictions list has to do with the contested Democratic primary that is coming to Philadelphia in July. Many see this as a sign of things to come and they are very likely right on that assessment. I have hinted at this outcome for many months now and have been given early warning signs from the spiritual world for over two years. From my blog post on Philadelphia in 2014 to my most recent predictions on the presidential election, I knew that something was going to happen that would provoke revolutionary overthrow. This seems to be it.

Philly has been spared from violence so far. They avoided the dreaded Pope Francis assassination, though his life was greatly at risk. With comparisons to the 1960’s more apparent by the day, a 1968 Chicago like melee in Philadelphia may be coming from a split between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and fulfill much of the doom and gloom that I have foreseen for the city over the years. As the dreams of a contested GOP convention die, the energy sent by the powers that be towards Donald Trump is being directed at another target instead; Hillary Clinton. What many commentators insisted would be the destruction of the Republican party may very well be the end of the Democratic movement in our country instead.

There’s no real way to stop Trump at this stage in the game. Republicans have no time to organize a challenge to him this late in the game. Meanwhile, liberals and left wing activists have both the continued primary of Sanders and a general election candidate in Jill Stein of the Green Party to contend with to rebuke Clinton’s unfair rigging of this election. Despite what the majority of psychics are saying at this time, a Clinton victory is far from guaranteed. Those who know history know she isn’t likely to win if the devil has his say in the matter. She may be evil, but she may not be quite evil enough for the liking of Hades. If this Vegas brawl showcases anything, it’s that my worst fears may be realized before our very eyes. I hope this wakes people up to the dangers of big government and high stakes elections having such prominence in this country. Otherwise, my more positive visions for the future may be taking a temporary detour in a far right, fascist direction.