Another Anti-War Movement is Rising


Something I’ve noticed in recent months is that our time is most like the 1960’s. While history doesn’t directly repeat itself, it rhymes. The mass movements for gay rights, women’s rights, civil rights and economic justice have all been playing out in a way that was similar to the 1960’s. Starting with Occupy Wall Street in 2011 and continuing on into the Black Lives Matter movement in 2012, the decade has seen mass movements being met with mixed success; most of it blunted by the powers that be. The only thing missing to correlate our decade with the decade of fifty years ago is a massive anti-war movement against US imperialism around the globe. That may be coming soon with Obama’s escalation of military tactics in the South China sea and with his threats to escalate tensions against the Russian government. If violence begins by either side and turns into a military conflict, then you can expect a Vietnam like protest movement to arise across the United States all over again. Mass demonstrations will be met with the usual state violence and the threats of a draft come and go with too much opposition to it in the form of mass public opinion. The parallels of our time and then will be complete at that time; hopefully with a successful governmental overthrow accompanying it. Regardless of the outcome, it will be unlike any anti-war movement history has ever seen before. It will be one the elite’s will remember for generations to come.