Dreams and Predictions for May 2016

I had an overwhelming thought the other day that is worth sharing for the beginning of my predictions for May of 2016. More will follow below in an update.

1) I kept hearing the name Shemeem Abbas in my head over and over again and that she is in great danger. When I searched for her name online, I had read that an attorney she was affiliated with was murdered in 2014; potentially by the Pakistani government for defending someone accused of blaspheming the Islamic religion. If these correlations are any indication, then it means that her life in immediate danger and she should seek safety as soon as possible. There was already a gun man scare on the campus she works with just last month. If she’s not careful, then she’ll end up being assassinated by Pakistani spies in the very near future. Hope she gets this message as her life depends on it.

5/2 ETA: Two more predictions for you.

2) I’ve been posting a lot of doom and gloom messages lately, but I have some good news to offer. The workers on the picket line will win against Verizon as their company’s intention to disrupt and destroy the union, rather than negotiate in good faith, is exposed for commercial purposes. This forces Lowel McAdam into resignation and a new CEO comes up in the ranks who is willing to come to the bargaining table and agree to a fair termination of the contractual agreement of wireless workers by melding them into new union contracts and offering relief from traveling long distances and having their jobs shipped overseas. Though it may not make every worker feel like they made a difference, in the long run, the significant victory will help the long term viability of the labor movement in the United States.

3) I had a dream about employers being called up about hiring illegal workers and hearing many of these businesses fined or jailed for hiring them. For many years, large scale organizations and smaller businesses have gotten away with hiring undocumented workers to fill a large chunk of cheap, non-union jobs. Those days are over. Soon, an announcement will be made by the Obama administration that they will be cracking down on all of those who hire undocumented workers and either fined or thrown in jail as a result. This will see more deportations come about and the discouragement of many Syrians from considering refugee status in the United States. Although many Latino groups will be angered by the actions, it does more to salvage an economy for the American worker than anything else. The only good thing to come from Obama in recent days considering how awful everything else is and will be in the near future. (5/13 Update: Obama is already beginning to deport more undocumented immigrants and will soon go after employers as well. This already is partially fulfilled.)

5/9 ETA: Another dream/vision.

4) I had a vision that San Francisco’s embattled police chief, Greg Suhr, will be suspended from his post. I cannot tell you the exact time that this will happen, but I have a feeling it’s in the near future. This comes on the heels of an assassination attempt on the life of San Francisco’s mayor, Ed Lee, as Harvey Milk like imagery has been filling my head in recent days. Perhaps the assassination attempts spurs Ed Lee to fire Greg Suhr, but it will happen soon and the city will rejoice in its victory. (5/19 Update: Hallejuah for the people of San Fransisco. This is already a confirmed prediction.)

5/13 ETA: Some more visions and predictions.

5) Many people thought that the Democrats would have an easy way to the White House and that the Republicans would have a contested convention. Unfortunately, the opposite has been occurring; largely due to the devil’s influence in elevating Donald Trump to a position of authority. With the last great hope for the party resigned to supporting the frontrunner, the Democrats are the only place left for a Trump defeat; and it won’t be on Hillary’s watch. I am still convinced that the internal fight between the FBI and the Department of Justice is so severe on Clinton’s email scandal that it will drag her candidacy down and force her to resign during a contested convention. It may not happen, but there is a lot of anger on the left side of the aisle and Bernie is pushing for it as his last great hurrah in electoral politics. Win or lose, a Republican contested convention isn’t going to happen. Rather, a Democratic one will happen instead. How it plays out, I can’t say for certain. All of that remains to be seen.

6) I’ve written about tensions in New York and how the city will light up into flames soon. I’m expecting it any day now as the underlying tensions are boiling over and will soon spill out into a way that cannot be hidden.

7) Finally, I foresee a scandal for Stephen Spielberg in the near future. The allegations will be so severe that it will blunt his career and achievements forever.

5/14 ETA: Another prediction

8) The new Prime Minister of Brazil will likely be assassinated within the next sixty to ninety days. This will infuriate the US which helped to install him and further create instability throughout the South American continent.

5 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for May 2016

  1. It is hard to believe Obama’s administration will crack down on illegals, especially in light of the fact that reports say he is sneaking Syrians refugees to the USA. I have my doubts about this, but hope it’s true.

    1. Why is it so hard to believe? Already more people have been deported under the Obama administration than any other. The reason has less to do with him and more to do with the Homeland Security and the Immigration and Custom Enforcement agencies who are ignoring his requests for amnesty and just doing deporting them anyway. It’s not of his choice, but it’s happening anyway. Though, considering the grief and heartache that it took for many of these people to make it here, it’s a shame that we’re essentially throwing them back into a for certain death.


  2. It is a paradox because if they come here, perhaps they bring death to us. The entire world cannot inhabit America. They hate us, but want us to welcome them and pay for their keep. It seems we get the short end of the stick.

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