Preet Bharara

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I’ve been subtly hinting at this man for a number of months now because he has been largely responsible for the indictments of several New York power players and the potential downfall of many more. While this is an admirable goal, I have previously warned that he would be stopped due to getting too close to the top of the food chain. Unfortunately for him, poorly thought out decisions invite such actions and he will see retribution towards him by politicians eager to take advantage of the backlash that follows. Though pegged as a raid on supposed gangs of New York, the unlawful sweep of young black and latino men in Bronx projects, of which there has already been a fatality at the hands of police, has already begun to garner significant outrage on behalf of the community there for the NYPD and Homeland Security’s extremist actions. Many of these men will fall through the cracks for crimes they didn’t commit and the karmic blowback will hit Preet Bharara hard in the near future. As New York burns from Akai Gurley’s killer getting no jail time and Bill de Blasio’s scandals coming to take him down, Preet Bharara will also be coming to his criminal justice end as it takes him off his pedestal and out of the public eye forever. While taking out corrupt criminals is an admirable goal, advocating the genocidal cause of gentrification has costs that no man isn’t susceptible to receiving; no matter how good their intentions are. That includes Preet Bharara, whether he likes it or not.