Not Done with the Big Deaths This Year


Already in 2016, we have seen the deaths of David Bowie, Natalie Cole, Harper Lee and Prince.

(Side note: When Prince was hospitalized last week for the flu after an emergency landing, I really should have posted that I thought he was going to die as I kept getting visuals comparing him to MJ in my head. It’s also eery that they both worked this one singer named Judith Hill who seems to be an accidental death curse to whomever she works with. I regret that I didn’t post this at the time, but it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway and some would have further accused us of copyright infringement from their own deluded minds. He was going to die anyway and there was nothing I could do to save him. RIP to them all.)

While these deaths, and a number of others, are already tragic enough as it is, they aren’t even close to being the most shocking and devastating ones that will come about this year. Some will be met with mass sorrow, others will be met with mass rage and others still will be met with mass jubilation in the streets. On top of the list of who might pass us yet are The Queen, Rupert Murdoch and Madonna. There are others who I will hint at later in the year. Some may not actually die, but survive major death scares. Others will pass and will leave a profound loss on our world or a goodbye, good riddance that will infuriate them in the after life. Watch for this space in the near future. Although I’ve hinted at this earlier, much grimmer news in coming the very near future.

6 thoughts on “Not Done with the Big Deaths This Year

    1. And there will be bigger still. The Queen could very well pass this year, which would be the biggest death in your country in decades. Cameron could face assassin’s bullet, as he’s in even greater risk now than ever before. There are others, but I think in terms of celebrity your country might be finished; with one caveat. Adele could succumb to the 27 club before her birthday next month. If she survives, she’s safe, but keep a watch out for her specifically. That’s all I see on the horizon for now.

      1. different subject but check out story on RT or of you google it. Police checking out claims of election fraud general election 2015. I know part of it is Cameron pary failure to declare election expenses, his party blamed it on admin error yeh right. What are your thoughts on this story.

    1. Adele will have to be watchful of not just this year. She also has to contend with similarities to Mamas and the Papas singer Cass Elliot who died at 32 in London. If Adele survives into May, then she will be in the clear for a while, but back in danger in 2020 or 2021.

      As for Obama, he’s out by the end of this year one way or the other. If there’s a successful transition, he’s gone. If he refuses to leave, he’ll be thrown out of office. Either way, this is not a concern of mine. I have other ones which I will detail at another time. Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

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