False Flag Alert

False-Flag-San-Bernadino-ShootingI am issuing a ‘False Flag Alert’ for a chemical biological ‘terrorist’ attack on schools within the USA, possibly within Texas or several states at once.  I have warned of this event before and predicted it several times but now I see signs of it coming to fruition and I hope that in discussing/exposing these plans we can stop it from being successful.  Recall that I mentioned I found a very disturbing pamphlet about a Texas public school system response plan for a chemical/biological attack on schools.  I made a video about this pamphlet and the government censored it and removed it via youtube.

Today, the NEXT NEWS NETWORK issued a false flag warning about a drone attack on a little league game where drones drop chemical/biological weapons on the crowd and then drop bombs.  They are drilling for this event next week and, as everyone knows, their false flags happen within the context of a drill or after they have done a drill on the same event.

Yesterday I was driving down Highway 6 in Houston and saw something weird.  At first I thought it was a silver balloon but then I noticed it was not flying like a balloon but more like a guided drone.  I got the chills upon seeing this drone and thought to myself that this drone is a warning of events to come, spying and attacks.  I dreamed about the drone last night because it was on my mind and in my dream I understood that drones will be significant weapons that the government can easily use on citizens, blaming ‘terrorists’ for their nefarious and illegal deeds.  In fact, they are already being used and people are so technologically idiotic that they don’t understand that drones appear as insects or balloons or something very normal looking to carry out all kinds of sick government business.

The other day there was a very disturbing article about public schools in Magnolia Texas having a plan to exclude parents from stepping foot on campus.  They announced plans to arrest parents if they even step onto school grounds.  Walking students to school is illegal.  Living in Texas, not far from Magnolia, I am aware of the uproar and disgust parents are voicing over this new Hitlarian type policy.  Couple this new development with my other prediction that they will hatch a false flag attack on schools and usher the kid’s off to FEMA camps in order to get parents to willingly go into the FEMA camps as well, of course, after they turn in their firearms.

When I woke up today and saw the NEXT NEWS NETWORK false flag terror alert it all came to me, all the pieces added up and I saw in my mind a vision of the government false flag plan.  I pray we expose this, that whistle blowers stop this from happening.  I believe the government, via ‘ISIS’ will use drones to attack schools with biological/chemical/explosives.  Perhaps at the same time a few schools will have active shooters as well.  They will usher the kids to FEMA camps nationwide (for their safety, of course).  They will then treat all the parents like potential terrorists and only let them in if they vet them and take their guns.  Parents will be begging to get into the FEMA camps and give up their guns to ‘prove’ they are not terrorists and be with their children.  Suddenly, after more attacks the government will keep these people in the FEMA re-education camps to help them with possible psychological or physical damage from these attacks, as well as ‘for observation.’


Read about the Principal HOLLY the HITLER in Magnolia, Texas and the government plot to arrest parents who dare to step onto government controlled school land HERE.

I encourage you to do your own research about these topics, especially looking into government PDF pamphlets that detail response plans to biological/chemical attacks on crowds or schools.  They contain seeds of what they are planning.  Let us hope to counter this false flag though information.  I appeal to anyone with information about this to expose these plans to the Oath Keepers of America or local citizen watch groups who can hopefully keep our nation’s kids safe from planned government false flag attacks only designed to enslave/disarm and create a martial law state/tyranny.