Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire


So President Obama is clearly feeling the heat from the FBI in regards to his tampering in their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email usage. He’s gone on “Faux Noise” Sunday to say that while he doesn’t believe in her guilt, the investigation is independent of politics. Bull shit. Obama’s been pulling the strings on this for a while now, as I’ve said he is. Soon, the FBI will recommend charges and his attorney general, Loretta Lynch, will decline to press them. This is because Lynch knows that Clinton is her golden ticket towards keeping her job and keeping her out of jail for her own misconduct. None of the other candidates (Bernie Sanders included) will retain her and she knows that her whole professional life is at stake with this case. The bad news for the Obama bunch is that the FBI will leak their investigation if the Department of Justice continues to refuse to press charges, which an announcement on this is forthcoming. This will lead to the predictions I’ve made before being fulfilled this year. Hang on to your horses, folks. This election is about to take a turn for the worst, if it happens to happen at all.