Dreams and Predictions for April 2016

I don’t have a whole lot of these to share, but I’ll give you what I have

1) I had a dream of a controversial Youtube star dying from a drug overdose. While many were saddened by this event, the scandal lingered into the public discussion and made their legacy all the more complicated as a result. This person has ties to the gay community and there will be mixed opinions of him as a result. Rape is the charges, definite proof will be forthcoming.

2) World War 3 is reaching a critical point as the US attempts to escalate military conflicts with China and Russia. One major misstep this month will lead to a whole series of events that cannot be stopped once it starts. The military industrial complex is playing with fire. If they aren’t careful, they’ll burn themselves, along with everyone else, in holocaust fire that scalds the Earth for all of eternity. Although God in the bible never said he’d flood the world ever again, he never said anything about burning it to pieces. That’s the risk that’s being taken here. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail.

If more predictions come to me, I’ll post them all below.

ETA 4/15: One dream. Parts of it I won’t post as they are of a personal nature, but this was something that came to me last night.

3) I had a dream where a woman was confronting a female police officer over corruption scandals that are looming throughout the United States. The officer deflected the accusations by talking about all the charity work she does and how she benefits the community, but the conversation kept turning to Eric Garner specifically and how the police department is a legalized mafia. Then I had a turn to confront this police officer and confronted her on how police brutality and corruption makes it impossible for anyone to support them. She not only has no response to this critique, but she threatened to arrest the both of us for challenging her authority. I feel that police brutality will be in the news once again and this time the police will not be able to sway us away from confronting them on it. I feel many more of this confrontations are inevitable and the breakdown of society follows. It’s long overdue, but it may be coming sooner than later.

ETA 4/16: Another dream. There were more specifics, but much of that information I cannot share.

4) I had a dream of someone describing to me being transformed into an animal (a skunk or a raccoon) and what the experience was like. They described how the military injected them with a formula and they were turned into that animal. Their thought process was still human, but they were slowly succumbing the instincts of an animal. They described what it was like to walk, how their fur felt and how relieved they were when they were finally transformed back into a human. I felt a sense of nervousness hearing that as I didn’t want anyone to find out that I knew of his experience.

I don’t remember if they found out in my dream, but I’m more than happy to spill the beans now. In 2012, I wrote a prediction that went as follows:

“Animal transformation methods were discovered in 2012 that allow scientists to turn humans into animals by modifying their genetic DNA coding. Your neighbor’s cat could soon be an operative spy as early as 2015 if tests continue to react positively by government intelligence agencies. After this, in 2016, scientific research firms will begin human testing as means of replacing real animals for beauty and medical testing. This is discovered in 2017 as PETA protests this practice to the point of causing several human test subjects to permanently remain in animal form for the rest of their lives. After a constitutional lawsuit challenge reaches the United States Southern Supreme Court in 2025, Justice Anthony’s replacement to the council makes the deciding rule that this is an illegal practice to engage in without informed consent (and is then criminalized), but consensual transformation is found to be legal within all fifty territories it will have jurisdiction over. This sparks tons of profit industries that engage in human gender and species transformations that are heavily condemned in a renewed focus of religious activists.”

Since my original prediction from four years ago indicated that testing would be underway this year, that means that my dream has confirmed it and is taking place in secret military facilities as we speak. Skunks or raccoons seem to be the test subjects, but horses or rats or even dogs and cats could be in the pipeline as well. Although you will not know about this until next year, the dream confirms to me what I wrote about years ago. Look out for leaks on Infowars or a similar conspiracy website in the near future. In over a years time, this prediction will become mainstream and change the face of science for a generation or more.

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    1. I know that the writers of this are self identified socialists, but this is the crux of what’s giving me the vibes.


      The US and China for months have been playing a very dangerous game of gamesmanship in regards to land disputes around the South China sea. It also explains the military cause for the anti freedom and anti worker Trans Pacific Partnership; a war against China and Russia. Right now, it’s mainly a game of chicken, but both players are willing to go to war even if their respective citizens protest against it. I hope for peace as well, but I’m not so confident at the end of the day. We shall see.

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